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Hello to everyone who likes to play WWE games on their devices. After the completion of the previous series of WWE, we finally come back with WWE 2K19 PPSSPP. One of the best fighting sports games, this is the 3rd part which I’m providing to you all. The more you go with the newest version of WWE Games the more you will have advance level characters. If 18 one is good then WWE 2K19 Game Download for Android is better. This is the best 3D Fighting Game with many new rings. All specialty you will see in this game, read it our full article to have an all knowledge. Even you should try our previous part of this game because there are some certain Characters are not there in WWE 2K19 PPSSPP File Download 200MB.


Info of WWE 2K19 PSP

On many websites, you may see WWE 2K19 PSP 300MB Download and WWE 2K19 PPSSPP File Download 100MB. In both files Graphics are very low that’s why I’m going to give you a little more graphics. The more graphics, the more MB will increase. Our policy is that everyone should play our games. Because of this we always provide WWE 2K19 PSP ISO Highly Compressed. You just need only three files for having a perfect game. The best thing is that I’m allowing you the save data of this game. If you don’t know what is save data then you will gonna surprise now. This is the mini file that is very useful for unlocking your all characters.

Info of WWE 2K19 PSP

once you update this save data file in your save data folder then you don’t need to do anything. In every PSP game, we try to reach the saved data file to you. The best thing about save data now you are absolutely free from the grind. Without saving data it’s very hard to unlock mythic and main characters like John Cena and Undertaker. Be ready for having an entertaining match between popular players. Not only these two characters but also many new characters are there in this game like Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Aiden English, Akira Tozawa, etc.

About this Game

WWE 2K19 Game is one of the best wrestling games in that year. Each year of WWE Games becomes no 1 game on that year. Every Series of World Wrestling Entertainment Games is developed by Yuke’s. After that, this game was published by 2K Sports. Even this game is accessible for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc. You will get 2 options in this game one is Single Player and another one Multiplayer. Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode options. You guys can easily connect your any friends for having the best matches. In the cover poster of the WWE 2K19 PSP Game, they have shown AJ Styles.

About this Game

My Carrier Mode

This is the main reason why gamers play this game, My Carrier Mode stands for story mode. Starting this mode means you have to give much time for completing this mode. In this option, you get all fights like royale rumble, cage rings, wrestle mania, etc. The best thing is that you get real entrance BGM themes with real moments, the Same as shown in real WWE. One of the biggest entrances is for Undertaker and Goldberg. All real themes of each character are given in this game. In-game you will not gonna get glitches or any bugs.

All Characters in this Game

A Sum of 200 playable characters is given in this game. You will not gonna get bor in-game, because are their huge games are given in this game. The main character Alex Pencer from PM universe is also given in this game. There are many new other and main characters are there like Stone Cold, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Bret Hart, Sting 99, etc. The roster in this game are many of them, I will tell you only the main names Akam, Alicia Fox, Apollo, Crews, Baron Corbin, Big Show, etc. This game is rated for 16 ages because there are some appropriate female outfit makes this game age 16.


In our all series of WWE games we have given the suppress file but this WWE 2k19 file needs high requirements. We have updated this file, this latest version of ppsspp games. If you have a lower device then your gameplay will frame drops. A device like 1GB ram with 32GB rom is not capable for this game. The minimum requirement for this game is 3GB ram. Let’s go to the processor, any processor is ok for this Game. But not lower processors, you need at least 600 Snapdragon. If you have upper than this now you have the opportunity to extend the graphics of this game. In-game you will have a graphics extender which is only for those who have a high processor of devices.

About Characters

  • Roman Reigns:- The main moves of this character is Samoan drop and Superman Punch. There is one more attack which he use Spear. This is the attack which he use his shoulder with full force of attack. By only one spear opponent get much damage. Superman Punch is good but main and effective damage is takes by spear.
  • Stone Cold:- In another word we pronounce stone cold as a Steve Austin. The main entrance music of stone cold comes under the top 10 best wwe entrance. He use his middle finger to show the opponent then he use his special technique stunner.
  • John Cena:- i think i should not mention the point of john cena. Because everyone who’s him, he is the Super star of wwe who have competed the each popular character.

WWE 2K19 Download for Android

  1. First Download our ISO file from below. Then you should download 1 more app from playstore.
  2. The app which you have to download is Zarchiver, actually this is the extracting app which is very necessary for opening any file.
  3. Once you downloaded app then go to the next step, the next step is that you need save data.
  4. Don’t worry save data i have provided below. Save data is necessary for unlocking the all characters.
  5. The save data should extract from psp folder to save data folder. This is very easy in zarchiver tool.
  6. For extracting your game file you need one password which i have provided below. The file is locked by us, use this code for extracting file.
WWE 2K19 Download for Android
GameWWE 2K19
Size 300MB
GenreSports Fighting
Offline Yes
Supports onAndroid
Password iso:- androrg11 & Save Data pass:- LEAGUE RS

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