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There are many arena battle games available. If you want to have an all-out battle having so many units in them. However, none of them come close to the Totally Accurate battle simulator apk. It is a game that has all of the massive facilities needed for an amazing battle.

Totally accurate battle simulator apk is a collection of a very big arena battle. You can have and form your own favorite special party to simulate the battle. Observe and battle as much as you want in a totally accurate battle simulator apk + obb. It doesn’t matter what kind of battle you actually want because you can have any kind of battle.

All kinds of battle units are contained here to provide you with no kind of lack. The main point of a Totally accurate battle simulator android is to form a simulation of gigantic battles. As you can’t have battles of around 1000 units in any game. Therefore this special simulator lets you play having 1000 characters on your mark.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Apk Obb
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Apk Obb

Information of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Apk

Be the former guy who observes the gigantic fight between red guys and blue guys. These characters have funny wobbly physics. Which makes the battle more fun and great as well to watch. Characters from the different timelines are presented here in order to get you the maximum experience of a battle.

From ancient times, from the fantasy world, the civilized world, and more. A series of pure silly gameplay is introduced here which you can and have to handle. Players can also stop the game and observe in detail at some instances of the game. It is to make you observe even the kind of the smallest detail in-game of a totally accurate battle simulator Apk + Obb.

All of these wobbly and funny silly characters have many cool powers inside them. Which makes them so much different in terms of comparison with other units of the game. You have to form a party that has all of the requirements to win the game. It is due to the thing to avoid any kind of lack your party has during the battle.

Information of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Control Red and Blue Units

There are two teams available in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Android. It doesn’t differ much because both are the same but only the color is different. You have to choose one of these special teams and have them fight against another team. Form up any, which is either the red or the other party which is blurred of course. Both are wobble and silly in terms of acting for a fun purpose.

Characters from all timeline

The units or the characters are from all across the different times of this world. There are from ancient times having mammoth, saber-tooth, and other animals as well. Then here we have modern civilized units such as tanks, missiles, army people, and more. It is to make sure that there will be all kinds of things in the game to make the battle from all timelines. It is a very fantastic battle simulator game after all.

All Types of game Facilities

Workshop: workshops are the place where you can make your own different types of weapons. Many units are customizable and you can give these to any of them. Axe, Sword, Halberd, or all kinds of weapons are crafted here.

Unit possession: this feature lets you possess any of the characters and lets you play it. This makes the character controllable from your own controls. This is the special Unit possession feature in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Apk.

Battle creator: however there are so many stages for you to complete. You can still make your own stage of your special and specific design. This way you can let out your own creativity into Totally Accurate battle Simulator Apk Android. This way you can have some variations of the stages and won’t get bored that much.

Invade others: you can form your own army of wobbly creatures and have them invade your friend’s arena. Observe the battle between your army and your friend’s army in the online invade feature. This brings some inactivity between you and your gamer friends. It is really a lot of ton more fun than playing this game by yourself.

All Types of game Facilities

Blocky Type Graphics

The graphics of this game is like origami blocky and sketchy looks. It is because it gives a different cartoon-like appearance to the game. Making the wobbly features of physics much more suitable and entertaining. The game is built like this on its full purpose because the realistic look won’t ever over this game. Furthermore being a sketchy and blocky graphics. The program of the simulator still looks very good thanks to its special shaders.

Campaign and Sandbox

Totally accurate battle simulator Apk mobile has two of these game modes. Campaign mode is the series game mode where there are missions for you. This way you have to complete the quests in all seriousness by forming your own team. There is a sandbox game mode as well where you can do anything freely as you want. There are no quests or missions, however, you can do anything in being free. You can experiment and also observe anything going over the field.

Campaign and Sandbox

Now supported in mobile

Totally accurate battle simulator download is a very magnificent and famous Simulator game. It wasn’t available or release over any of the portable devices before. Now you can see the game over your phones which can be of any system. Which of course have Android and IOS included in it. Then now my friends you can play this game anywhere you want to. You won’t need a PC or complex device to play the game. Never seen before accessible in this way, the game is also free now. If you really want the game then let’s get over to get this game for your Android or IOS.

Steps to obtain TABS apk

  • If we really want a simulator that have both elements of humor and excitement. Players can fully get totally accurate battle simulator for Android now. It is also free so any gamers can get the game from right here. Now pick any team red or blue and have them battle each other till the end of the battle.
  • Getting this game can be done by having it in your phone downloaded. Anybody can do that by going over the given link in download below from here. It is free and doesn’t have anything false to it.
  • After that your next thing is to have the game fully installed in your phone. For that you can have the game install in your phone by the normal way you always do. There’s nothing new or special so no worries.
  • Then now my friends finally you can play totally accurate battle simulator apk file in your phones. It will run swiftly as well because it is a very magnificently optimized for the android or IOS.
Can we really have the game now?

The game is yes of course available now for you all to get on your phones. Before it wasn’t available because there was no way to play this amazing game on your phone. This way you can now play the game anywhere my friends.

Can we do battles as much as we want?

The name really tells everything about it. This means that you can bring your creativity to the fullest my friends. Assign the units in a line and have them in any order you want to. There is nothing going to have you stopped from having a very intense kind of battle. So that’s why rest assured about having exciting battles because you’re going to have a very clearly amazing time here my friends.

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