Top 5 DBZ Mugen APK Games for Android

Top 5 DBZ Mugen APK Games for Android

Hello Gamers, Today finally you will find here Top 5 DBZ Mugen APK Games. This game is not arranged as per the rank, all games are my favourite and i like to play. Mugen Games are really addictive, specially i like to play Naruto vs. Bleach. This list is not created as per the rank ways, it’s a simple list where you can easily download five mugen games. Before starting i have to say something that this list is make in my opinion not to others. So let’s start the countdown with no. 5 Top 5 DBZ Mugen APK Games.

5). Dragon Ball Z – Tournament of power

Dragon Ball Z - Tournament of power

This is the old Mugen APK Game, which is unofficial but still you will like this game very Much. In our Top 5 DBZ Mugen APK Games this game has taken 5th rank. Well in this game you can only play with 10 player or characters. It’s a 2D Pixel game which you can run very easily on your Android smartphone. This game have few options like single player, survival etc. As you know that in survival mode we have to fight until we lose. Mainly i like to play solo vs solo. Single player is the choosing your character first than all opponent comes randomly to fight to you. In this game you get Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, jiren, mystic gohan etc.

  • MUi Goku — he have dogeing attack, who perform the automatic body movement attacks. He can do the kamehameha attacks
  • Black goku — you can stretch this character up to rose form, which looks really cool.
  • Goku ssj4 — a super warrior with tale, he perform super gigantic ball attack.

4). Dragon Ball Z – Stick Warriors

Dragon Ball Z - Stick Warriors
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Now a days, in Google play store the stick Games are getting very popular. The main reason because of sound optimisation, there are many series are available on DBZ Stick Games. This new game have up to 60+ Characters of Dragon Ball Super Anime. This new game have many options to do, you can play arcade, 1v1, survival, training and much more. Simply search on playstore for more DBZ Stick Games, this games really popular on playstore. Specially i like to play this game with earphones, you will too.

  • In this game you get Ultra form of goku, Vegito, Broly, kale, caulifla, jiren, black goku, gogeta Super blue, vegeta dark blue form, xeno, toppo Hakashin, god of destruction beerus, ssj4 goku etc.

3). Power Warriors 12.0 Mugen APK

Power Warriors 12.0 Mugen APK

It’s a very popular 2D Pixel Mugen APK Games which contains 200+ characters. This game have many parts and series like 10.0, 10.5,11.0,11.5 etc. The creator of this Power Warriors is Ariel, now he is planning to make Power Warriors 12.5 in furthermore Version. People ask me that how many characters are their in this game? It’s an wrong questions, you should ask what we don’t get in this game. It’s a collective characters APK game who have massive amount of characters in one APK. DBZ fans like to play all parts of Power Warriors APK.

  • Story Mode / Mission Mode — This 2 mode have many of stages. Completing them is very necessary for more coins. your defeating rate is very much depend as per you practicing this game. Without playing this game on training mode you can’t get easily understand this game.
  • More Options — The one thing i like in this game that you get many options like survival, free battle, arcade, training etc.
  • Characters — here i will say only some main character, the post will become very long if i mention here all names. All DBS Characters are here, golden frieza, blue vegeta, migate na gokui / Ultra Instinct Goku, all universe gods and much – much more.

2). Vegeta Dragon Z Fighters APK

Vegeta Dragon Z Fighters APK

This Mugen APK is totally based on vegeta, you get each and every characters of vegeta in game. You get many challenges in this game, you complete 1 round and next round will be more hard and tough. There are 50 to 60 Characters are there who perform their attacks.

  • Goku — All Super saiyan form of goku are available, god goku, mui form, ssj3, ssj4, blue form, ssj4, gogeta, vegito etc. You get even fan made characters too, it’s a unofficial characters which is make by any creator for Dragon Ball fans. You get special form which you can’t see in toei anime.
  • More — you get many more characters like berrus, jiren, mui, vegeta and much more.

1). Bleach Vs. Naruto Mugen APK Game

This is top of all mugen APK game, that’s why i recommended this game on 1st. There are many updates or new version are available of Bleach Vs. Naruto. It’s so addictive that I can’t say with my words. Perfect mugen APK game for all time, (What a sound optimisation, so cool). Earphones are strongly recommended in this game. Specially i like to play with merged zamasu character in this game, he have so perfect dialogue delivery with his action. You will get shock after playing this cool mugen game.

I have provided here gameplay video of this game. You get short version and long version of this game. In small or short version have limited characters but in full or long version they have added complete characters of anime. You should play first at training mode because the configuration are not much so easy. See my youtube video link, in video i have provided fighting scene and menu player selection. In this mugen game you get 400+ characters to play.

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