Tekken 4 Apk Download for Android Mobile

Tekken 4 Apk Download for Android Mobile

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Hello Tekken fans. Today I’m going to interact you all with Tekken 4 Apk Download for Android. If you are big fan of Tekken 4 Apk Download PSP than you should checkout this game. You will not gonna see any site which is providing Tekken 4 Apk with mediafire Download link. This is one of the best arcade and fighting game ever. You will get Tekken 4 Apk+obb download in this article. This is so good that official Tekken 4 Apk Download for Android Mobile. It’s one of the best update untill now, i will not get tired of praising this tekken 4 Apk Download apkpure. Can you really believe how amazing is tekken 4 ppsspp iso file. Actually I’m providing Tekken 4 Apk not a ppsspp. Both genres are providing good game with little bit different features.

Tekken 4 Apk Download for Android Mobile

Tekken 4 Highly Compressed

If i provide original file of Tekken 4 than it will lags. This is because the original file have extreme high graphics. After tekken 4 Highly Compressed this game will runs very smoothly without any interruption. Come to main knowledge, why original file is so laggy and compressed file so smooth. This is because when one file get highly compressed lots of thing degrades little bit.

Tekken 4 PC Download

Why I’m involving Tekken 4 PC Download, if you have than shift to the Tekken 4 PC. this is because Tekken 4 Android is not that much controllable compare to PC. So guys finally i can say that this game is easily accessible for your pc. There are some requirements are given below this page. Where you guys can easily understand how much requirements you actually wants to run Tekken 4 PC Requirements.

Tekken 4 PC Download

Tekken 4 Characters

  • Hwoarang:- he is a fighter who have trained in martial arts and military training. He tries to compete with jin Character. He is the leader of street thug leader. He is the best Fighter who knows taekwondo with fully trained. Each character have big stories with intresting fighting scenario.
  • Kazuya Mishima:- one of the swaggy Character of tekken game. He looks like same jin kazama, but kazuya looks something bad person. Once he adapt the power of devil gene than no one can match the power of kazuya mishima.
  • Paul Pheonix:- he is the king of heavy punches. You can’t believe that he’s one punch can damage the person the opponent very badly. He also a martial artist with world renown Fighter. He is one of the violent Characters who is the hardest trainer in jujutsu.
Tekken 4 Characters

Tekken 4 All Characters

  • Marshall Law:- well they called Marshall but everyone call this Character Bruce lee. This is because they have taken the idea from legendary bruce lee. Bruce lee or Marshall law is the killing machine warrior. In this game he perform back flip jump kick. It’s means he flip back + kicking in same time, this feels good when you perform this movement. Not only tekken but also in many capcom games have taken the idea of Bruce lee. In tekken they named Marshall Law, in street fighter they have named feet long.
  • Yoshimitsu:- one of the creepiest Character in tekken game. If yoshimitsu is coming to fight you than 100% he will gonna confuse you. He fighting strategy makes so much confusing to the opponent. You can’t able to read his movement, because he behave really different. He use the sword fumaken, it’s a cursed sword which damage the opponent very badly. Yoshimitsu was using very old sword than he decided to leave the old sword and switched to fumaken sword. Specially my favourite characters in tekken is Marshall Law or a bruce lee. This is because Marshall attacking rate is really outstanding. Same here, yoshimitsu is also a good Characters but you can’t easily defeat this Character. Yoshimitsu Defence rate is very good by own there by them computer system.
Tekken 4 All Characters

Tekken 4 Release Date

There is no doubt that this game is one of the best fighting game ever. Tekken 4 Release Date is July 2001, it’s means almost 20 years before. Still all this games are rocking in our android smartphone. Well Tekken 4 Developed by namco, even released by namco. Namco had make best psp games in his history. Tekken 4 is fully runs under 3D Graphics games with better optimisation with Damon PS2. Actually this is the emulator of PS2, yes you can play this game in this emulator.

All other average graphics games of PS2 you can easily play on Damon PS2 Emulator. No need to get tension about lagging or something else. Because i already played this game many time without any issues. I’m giving you all this game after testing this game many times. Than go download this game and please provide us your precious feedback about Tekken 4. If you are the biggest fan of this game than your smallest compliment for this site can make me more motivated for making more games for you all.

Tekken 4 Download for Android

  • The file Which you will gonna download of tekken 4 Highly Compressed.
  • It’s means this game will work 100% in android device
  • Click on download button than this will take you redirect to mediafire link
  • This game is closed in zip file. The folder name is 7z
  • You have to first extract this game
  • After completing extraction you can simply open this game and enjoy it.

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