Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK Game for Android

Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK Game for Android

Hello People, Hope you all are fine, Today Finally I’m providing you Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK Game for Android. This New APK Game is released on 26 Jun 2020. It’s a very addictive game, All Characters of marvel universe are available in this game. The more ISO you collect in this game, the more characters you can purchase. Increase awaken power full too max, so you can unlock your special skills. ISO is very main, you can called coins too at the replace of ISO. Now plus your Awaken classes for many types of Characters classes. It’s an 2D Game with colourful textures and graphics. You will like this game very much because the sound optimisation is really good in this New APK Game.

Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK Game for Android

Earphones are strongly recommend because the voice are so satisfying while hitting your opponent. All power ups or main power seems very cool. Actually, the main reason why stickman games are so addictive? because of sound optimisation. Developers has recently given the new update of this game on 10 Sep 2020, In this new update they added New ISOTOPE system. Play Survival Mode as much you want because the more you play the more you can earn iso / coins. There many characters are available in this game. Each character have their own official suit for purchasing as we already seen on (MCU – Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK Game for Android

More About Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK

The main reason why i like to play Super Stickman Heroes Fight? Because of many options, there are many options you get in this APK. You get survival challenges in this Game, where you can fight to your opponent still last of your breath. The main reason you will like this game because of sound effects, so perfectly they have putted the all sound as per their movements. There many super heroes are there for choose, collect them and level up their skill, strength, powers etc. By playing you can easily unlock all modes, and you can face many challenges.

More About Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK
  • PvP — it’s a Player vs Player Mode, where you get 7 Different Leagues for growing your rookies. There many types leagues in this game like starter, Bronze, pro, top, god players, legends of legends etc.
  • All Attacks — The Thunder Bolt Attack, Loud roaring of god, red beam attacks by hand, spider web attack and (There are many more skills and powers are available)
  • Arcade Mode — Users like to play solo vs solo. It’s a simple one an one fighting game
More About Super Stickman Heroes Fight APK

All Characters in this game

Here i will tell you about All Characters in this game, All MCU Characters are available in this game. I will mention each character sepciality one by one. All Super heroes have their own special attacks and powers.

  • Iron Man — He perform the special attacks with his iron hand gun attack, the super beam attack which strike the enemy very badly. In game you can use flying booster for flying.
  • Thor — The odin son, the god of thunder who perform the massive amount of electric thunder. You don’t have power even to hold his hammer. As we seen in movies that hulk is not capable to hold the thor hammer.
  • Hulk — he’s all body is made up of gamma radiation which don’t get any effects by anything. He have a famous dialogue to opponent (Hulk “SMASH”). In this game he only fight with his own hand because he have massive amount of strength to destroy anybody.
  • Others — Developers connected the DC universe Characters in this game too. Yup, in this game you get [Superman and Batman]. There are many more characters are available in this game like Deadpool, Bukky, Spiderman, X man, Captain America, Green Latern, Loki etc.
All Characters in this game
Stickman Heroes
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