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Hey there my regular visitors and very playful gamers. I welcome all of you once again to this place specially made up for you. This place, the website is known by the name of everywhere. Where people obtain many kinds of games that aren’t officially playable on mobile. However, if you’re a budget gamer then you can’t have consoles or PC to play games.

Hence fear not I’m here to fix up for that. For now, the game I have is one of the best ever sonic games now on phones. The game is Sonic Mania Plus apk for android and IOS devices. Sonic mania apk is the new game in the Sonic franchise focusing on the classic sonic. Where in sonic mania android you play as classic sonic in his classic world. Which is of course completely different than modern sonic.

This classic sonic have many functions from the classic version of games. Which are spin dash, jump, and the all-new drop dash feature. Not only that but there are other numerous playable characters to play in-game as well. Experience all of the characters having all new different unique mechanics and abilities. Spoil the plan of Eggman once again which even includes multiverse dimensions.

Sonic Mania Plus APK
Sonic Mania Plus APK

About Sonic Mania Plus Apk

Sonic mania plus is the deluxe version of the original sonic mania game. Which contains all of the DLCs in just one standalone game. Sonic mania however is the new platforming classic sonic game. Which is released in 2017 but still Rocking in gamers’ hearts. The developers who worked on the game are Christian Whitehead, PagodaWest Games, Headcannon, SEGA of America. Where SEGA was the publisher for the game.

Sonic mania download android is a 2D platforming game having a 3D model in the minigame. As always if you want the true ending or the real ending of the game. You have to collect all the 7 supernatural emeralds known as Chaos emeralds in-game. If you will not then you will not experience the true ending to the game. In doing so you need to clear those minigames 7 times to get all the emeralds. You can transform into supersonic as well by having all chaos emeralds.

The game sonic mania android apk is pure nostalgia. It is because the stages in-game are returning once, being remade, and added into the game. Not only that but the soundtracks or theme songs of each stage are remixes and added to the level. Because of all of these, everything feels so nostalgic to games. In the plus version, you have 2 new characters available as well aside from sonic, tails, knuckles. Those 2 characters are Mighty the armadillo and ray the flying squirrel.

About Sonic Mania Plus Apk

Features of Sonic Mania Android

  • Control our special sonic the hedgehog who runs at the speed of sound alongside his friends tails and knuckles.
  • Each character have different kinds of mechanics which includes drop dash, flying, gliding, ground pound and more.
  • Nostalgic stages which are available in game being remade from many numerous past sonic the hedgehog games.
  • Remixed soundtracks or OST or theme songs which are originally from past times but remixed and added into the game.
  • The plus version of sonic mania android gamejolt have mighty the armadillo and Ray the flying squirrel as the new characters.
  • Originally designed story mode which contains the time gem and the new crew of robots set up and made by dr. Eggman.
  • Dr eggman or Dr robotnik is back once again with his evil plan to rule over the world and create his own Eggman empire.
  • Fight against many arch nemesis from sonic franchise which includes Death egg robot, the New set of mechas and mecha sonic.
  • Race against Metal sonic in sonic mania android port and fight against metal overload or hyper metal sonic as the boss.
  • Simple and very handy controls and apk file which you can have in your android or IOS devices now making it easier to play.
Features of Sonic Mania Android

High Speed Gameplay

Sonic games are always meant to go with flow and run in the stages. Sonic mania rom android does it very well and perfectly. With the pixelated graphics in Sonic mania apk download. Everything feels so much better in terms of both looks and gameplay having 60fps. Actually, the game is made up of a sonic fan. That is why the game is like the dream game of every sonic hedgehog fan out there.

Boss Fights

The boss fights in sonic mania android exagear are against various enemies combined. Here we have the 300IQ Dr. Eggman or aka Dr. Robotnik. Other than that we have the mecha squad robos made by Dr Eggman. Last but not least is the hyper metal sonic the copy of sonic. We fight against them numerous times in-game, each time with a different Character or robot. There is no stopping to the deadly boss fights in the game of sonic mania.

Super Sonic

Once you collect all the 7 chaos emeralds. You can turn into supersonic as well in the game by having 50 rings. It increases the speed and grants invincibility for a while in the level.

How to Download Sonic Mania Plus Apk Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download Sonic Mania apk for Android and IOS.
  • Then click over the game sonic mania plus apk android rom on the website to finally get the game.
  • After downloading, just you have to simply install the game Sonic mania plus android apk download.
  • But before installing the game in your mobile be sure to turn on the install from unknown resources in the settings.
  • After that you just need to wait up till it ends installing the file of Sonic mania download for android in some time.
  • Proceeding that then you need to allow some permission if it asks for any then create a save file for the game.
  • And that’s was the how to play sonic mania on android tutorial so now have fun and keep running at The speed of sound.
GameSonic Mania Plus Apk
DeveloperPagodaWest Games
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