Secret neighbor Apk Obb for Android Download

Secret neighbor Apk Obb

There are many players who have played the Hello neighbor Game. Following that, we have another New Horror and survival game. This time it is online multiplayer with players from the whole globe. The application is Secret neighbor Apk Obb Download. Which is just as same hello neighbor game.

Secret neighbor for Android is a very fantastic and new game. We join many players just like us from the servers. A very unique thing my friends is that there are players and the catcher. The catcher is hidden among the players or hiders being like them. By this, it is harder to check who is the catcher.

The catcher has to catch all of the other kids before they escape the neighbor. The players or the kids have to escape through the scary house of a neighbor. For that, they need to find keys, open up the path, explore the house on a horrifying night. The atmosphere is yes, night. It makes everything looks dark and you have to use a flashlight.

Secret neighbor Apk Obb
Secret neighbor Apk Obb

Details of Secret Neighbor Apk Obb Android

Secret neighbor is a new branch of the game by the same creators as Hello neighbor. Although that game was offline and single-player. Secret neighbor apk obb is an online and plural player game. It also has another name Multiplayer game. Although for the practice you can also play offline and check how the game works.

There are some toys which you can buy as well. This helps when you confront the imposter. Who is the catcher, you can defend yourself with those tools? The total player’s amount is Six. This means only six up to the most players can play this game at once. Who makes their path through the Scary house filled with traps and amazement.

You can find Loot, Easter Eggs, The special Keys which are helped in unlocking the door. Meanwhile making sure of that one player who is disguised as a traitor. Who catches other players, don’t let him win if you’re playing a kid. Secret neighbor IOS gain so much popularity over the months in the past times. It is because the game is very fun and you can now have it for free.

Details of Secret Neighbor Apk Obb Android

How is this game be play?

The major play style of the game is to explore the house of your neighbor. During that, you have a team of six players in a server or level. Among those six people, you have one traitor among you. Really and highly avoid them as they will catch you and you will lose the game. There’s a chance of becoming the traitor which is 1 by 6.

Supporting devices for this game

Secret neighbor Apk Free is an online game. For the best experience, the developers gave access to this game on many platforms. You have Mobile devices of Android and IOS. Aside from that, we got a PC And other consoles. Combining players from all of these platforms we get a very wide amount of players. So you can have no lack of players while playing the game.

Control the kids in the match

There are two roles that you get to play in the Secret Neighbor Apk file. One of them is the kids who explore the house in order to find out the secrets of the House. You gather all the keys to rooms and basements. While that you also have the access to look for other things in the house. Out of Six in the match, there are 5 of them as the kids scouting the house and the area.

Control the Role of Traitor

The traitor is one of the six kids in the match. If you’re a Traitor, you are disguised as the kid while you’re the neighbor. You can switch up bodies between both to favor you during the match. Your main goal is to capture all of the kids who are looming around your house. For that, you have to secretly play as him and get all of the kids. If you let your identity find out, the kids will get rid of you. Get the special trust of your friends. Only to betray them after which makes you the winner of the following game match.

Features of Secret neighbor Android Apk

  • The total duration of a match is 15 minutes. During these 15 minutes, you have to find all of the keys to the basement to win if you’re the kid. If you’re the traitor then you have 15 mins to take out every kid in the match.
  • Key are scattered around the whole house of the neighbor. You as the kids need to find all of them as the basement requires multiple keys.
  • There are many characters for both Kids and imposters. Which gives and has different kinds of abilities and Powers.
  • Joker, clown, paranormal zombie, spooky ghost, and others are the forms that the player can choose to be in during the game.
  • Kinds of weapons are lying around the whole house. You can pick them up and use them against the Traitor. Some are close type and some are far range type.
  • Full online gameplay mode which you can play with many skilled players. Of course, you will have to use your own internet for enjoying this amazing and thrilling game.
  • You can also use the function of offline game mode. This offline mode gave me the opportunity to practice the game and its function.
Features of Secret neighbor Android Apk

How you can Download Secret Neighbor APK Android

  • Secret neighbor Apk Download is a very fun game to play. If you want to gather your friends and have an enjoyable time in some game. This is a very great choice. As you can take the role of both characters and join the fun.
  • First and most you need to go to the website which got your game. Then just proceed onto the link and download the apk file from that site at high speed.
  • Although you will need to solve some captcha and access the game from there. It is very easy to solve all of these you will just need to have patience.
  • The process of download can take some of your precious time. However, it’s better to wait and let it download fully on your mobile phone.
  • Then what you really have to do my friends after downloading. Is to just click on the apk file and open up the installation application. Then you can install it.
  • You can open up the game when it is done installing. After opening it will need your internet connection to connect to the online server of the game.
Name Secret Neighbor
make byTiny Build
Launch byDynamic Pixel Studio
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