Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP Zip File Download Android

Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP Zip File Download Android

Hello Zombie Games lover, today we are back with another series of Resident Evil Games. I’m gonna review Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP. This game tends to the thriller horror game. Even in game they say the disclaimer for age restrict. Because this game is full of blood slashes. This story start with main protagonist cop police officer. The name of this man is Leon S. Kennedy.

There is one more female character is there for supporting this rookie police officer. Sometimes the main protagonist role is played by that female lady chris. Actually she is the sister of leon s kennedy. Friends this game is very easy supporting on your ppsspp emulator. We have shorten and press the file that’s why from here you can download Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download.

Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP Zip File Download Android
Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP

About Resident Evil 2 PSP ISO

We are the providers of iso games, which is the name of the file. Basically here I’m gonna give you Resident Evil 2 PSP ISO Highly Compressed Download. Actually this game was opened for only PlayStation 2 then we have created the ppsspp version of this game. There are new attachments are full filed with this game. Med kits are given in this game for recovering your health’s. Moreover you get many equipments for recovering your health and ammo. In game you get many types of guns for close range and long range. If you are old zombie game lover then you might be know that how much shotgun is needed. At the one time 5 bullet spreads from the shotgun, this gun is the king of close range.

About Resident Evil 2 PSP ISO
Resident Evil 2 PSP ISO

More Info of Resident Evil 2 Game

This was the game which is held on 1988, the publisher and developers is both done by capcom. Actually capcom stands for making high valuable games like street fighter and okami. Even this game had win the year of the awards at 1988. Not only one but also many awards had given to this game. On the rating of steam this game has performed 10 out of 10 ratings. Full out of full rating has given to this game now this is clear that how much this game is good. This game is fully based on survival, the stories keep goes and you just have to survive.

More Info of Resident Evil 2 Game

More Information

Ofcourse yes the rating of this game is 10/10 several awards had this game wins. While playing this game you will feel real experience of this game. The sound of guns are so real and the protagonist movement of this game is so smooth and real. In every aspect this game is cool and awesome. In game you will get many missions, by completing them you will get more money.

By Money you can purchase more guns and upgrade you guns level. Upgrading your weapons is one of the best thing because now you are giving the more power to your guns. Well the default gun which you will get in starting is SLS 60. This is the mini hand gun which is very useful in any situation. This gun use the 9mm Bullets with a very limited ammos. There is one cons in this gun takes a long reload time.


not that much still there are some scary sequence in this game. There are numerous of jump scares are given in this game. One days i was playing this game after opening the door one Zombie jump into my head and start scratching me. That’s was the moment where i get totally shocked. At the tunnel you can listen many bats sound which is really scary. Some users don’t wear headphones, for them this game not gonna scare. If you are holding a headphone on head then absolutely you will scare on some moments for a little bit. The sound of the zombie are make in 3D sound which goes pass from left to the right headphone. The sound optimisation is good in this game if some noise appears from the right side of protagonist then sound will comes on the right side of headphone.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PPSSPP

is I’m giving you the remake version of Resident evil 2? Absolutely not, remake version of this game was created on 2019. Actually the remake version of Resident evil 2 is more popular compare to orginal RS2. I’m giving you the file of 1988 game, i mean original game of Resident evil 2. Remake version has a high graphics that’s why we can’t give that game for Android. Olden version of this game is quite simple to run on our devices. This is impossible to have a remake version on Android. Maybe in future we can able to make a copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake PPSSPP Game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake PPSSPP

Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP ISO Download for Android

  • Download Resident Evil 2 PPSSPP Highly Compressed file from below.
  • Then extract it from zarchiver app because the file is closed in zip file.
  • Once you unzip then download our ppsspp gold, even this emulator is also ziped. Use zarchiver here too for extracting.
  • We are giving some easy verification page to this links. Complete the easy task and grab the direct load of this game.
  • Simple wait for a 15 second and file will gonna start downloading itself.
GameResident Evil 2 PPSSPP
File TypeISO
Runs onAndroid PPSSPP
GenreSurvival Shooting Games
Game Rating 10/10

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