Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download With New Characters

Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download With New Characters
Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download With New Characters

Today I’m introducing the New Game Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download for your Android Smart phones. After the each update comes with new characters, Combos, Style, Gestures etc. You can download the series of Power Warriors like 9.0, 10.5, 11.5, 12.0 etc. It’s a very latest version of Power Warriors. Power Warriors 13.0 APK is the very addictive mugen apk game. It’s fan made game which comes with many different kind of characters like omni, absalon etc. All this different kind of characters are included in this game. Power Warriors 13.0 have a new modified characters like Goku Super Saiyan 3, Janemba. In the movie of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn we can easily see the strong evil power of janemba. He beaten the pikkon so badly.

Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download With New Characters

Don’t forget to Download the previous version of power Warriors. Click here to download the Power Warriors 12.0 Apk. A new Modifications Power is designed for Janemba, Janemba it’s a whole energy of evil. He absorb the evil power to become more strong. In this Mugen APK Janemba perform the green super flash power to strike the opponent. There are more other characters are also polished by the creator of pw. New textures with gogeta, vegito, omni etc. Janemba is too powerful, that’s why goku and vegeta have to do fusion so that they can defeat janemba. Super Saiyan gogeta had beaten the evil Janemba. It was so excited match for me. For defeating the Janemba, gogeta level up his battle power up to [2,500,000,000] if you guys want a previous gameplay of power Warriors 12.0 you guys can watch from my youtube channel.

About Power Warriors 13.0 Mod APK Download

If you want to play all other previous version of power warriors, search ariel pw on youtube than you can download easily all game. Moreover there are many more mugen games are available like tourney of warrior, bleach vs naruto etc. Ariel is the youtube creator who makes pw series. Users really like to play this mugen apk games. I have uploaded many more other mugen games on my youtube channel, you guys can checkout. There are total 250+ characters are included in this power warriors 13.0 apk game. All Goku forms, blue, ui are available in this mugen games. Dragon fist is the new attack added in the previous version of pw.

About Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download


#Arcade, #Story, #survival, free battle, Challenges, trainings, boss battle, cpu vs cpu
  • Arcade & Story — This game comes with few normal options like story mode, arcade mode, training mode etc. specially, i only play arcade & free battle mode. It’s too good to play 1vs1. We can play even 2vs2 but i don’t like to play duo vs duo because it’s become so hard to handle double opponent.
  • Survial — some users like to play survival mode because you have to control your opponent until to your last breathe. Fights goes and goes, until you become dead.
  • Cpu vs Cpu — In this mode you can easily select your characters + opponent characters too. You can even play 2 vs 2, but for this you need to first spend more time in training mode. U can’t understand this game without any tutorial or practices in training room. There are few buttons which we have to click for super combo.
  • Boss Battle — After defeating some main Characters, you can easily chase boss. It’s seems so easily but it’s not

Power Warriors 13.0 All Characters

There are many characters are available in this game, up to 250. i mention here only main character specifications. This post is already become long, I don’t want to stretch my post more long. All Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z Animes Characters are their in this game.

  • Ul Goku & Blue Vegeta — Ultra Instinct Goku is the very shiny form of goku who have dogeing power which known as automatic body movement. You can’t even give him scratch on his body. My own favourite character is vegito. Let’s talk about VEGETA who transform in Dark Super Blue form, which looks so cool that I can’t explain in my words.
  • God of Destruction (Beerus) — In this game all characters of god of destruction are included in this game specially the chappa & beerus. Hakai purple power is perform by beerus sama. He have capable to destroy any character with his one hand.
  • Jiren & Assassin Hit — You will remember this fight between Full Powered Jiren VS Ultra Instinct Goku for life long. In this game jiren have a red blast ball power to destroy any opponent. How we can forget Hit who perform the trump card power to lock any opponent. In the tournament of power match hit can easily kick his as* off from that stage but unfortunately jiren breakdown his block power.
  • Other characters — i already said that you get (fan made) characters too. All master media creator omni characters are also included in this game.

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