Power Warriors 12.0 APK Download with New Characters

Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download With New Characters

Hello Everyone, Today I’m finally showing you Power Warriors 12.0 APK New Characters Updates. It’s a Power Warriors 12.0 which is very popular in all Mugen Games. In this APK you get huge amount of characters but there are still some characters are missing in this game. In this game you get new form of garlic jr, he can transform in monster garlic jr which is powerful. The creator of this game is Ariel who combines the two anime characters in this game Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Power Warriors 12.0 APK New Characters Updates

This is not the first version of this game, several versions we can see of this game like 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.5 etc. I have given Download link at the end, it’s a updated version of Power Warriors. Here i will tell you about what you get in this games. In this game there 300+ Characters are included with all anime. Yes, in this game you get official & fan made characters.

Power Warriors 12.0 APK New Characters Updates

About Power Warriors 12.0 APK New Characters Updates

Power Warriors 12.0 have story Mode, Battle, Quick Battle, Missions etc.

  • Battle — It’s a normal option where you get in any games. when you click on this battle option, many options open for playing this game.
  • Story Mode — it’s normal story mode as like various games have.
  • Quick Battle — well this is a normal battle like solo vs solo or a 1vs1. In this option the battle begin very speed that’s why most of users play only this options

In this game there are more and more options are available. I will try to mention here all options in this game.

  • Arcade Mode — it’s same as like free battle or a quick battle.
  • Challenges — here you can challenges which we have to complete.
  • Single battle — it’s a simple 1vs1. You don’t want to select your players or a opponent characters. The opponent in front of you comes randomly to fight you.
  • Free battle — it’s normal fighting game features but you can 3vs3 too. For playing this features you have to practice this game because this option is very hard to play. You can’t able to win free Battle if you didn’t practice yourself
  • Training Mode — i already said you in above para that you can’t play this game without any practice
 Power Warriors games modes

All Characters in this Game

As i said that in this game you get everything. All super saiyan, all powers etc. The more this game update the more this game optimise.

  • Trunks ssj — this is the new form in this game with ssj transformation and super ball attacks. He have galick gun attack as well as shown in anime.
  • Garlic jr — it’s a tiny character in Dragon Ball Z series, he can transform in monster form too.
  • Mui Goku — it’s omnipotent character of all time. Now you can play with Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. The special attack of this character is ganki dama or a spirit bomb
  • Super Vegeta blue — The best attitude warrior with super blue form. It’s totally mind blowing character with super power. He perform the final flash with self destruction power
  • Jiren — we all know that who had given the compete to goku. He’s the only and only one character who have a capable to stand in front of mui goku. You get final form of jiren with super dark red aura.
  • Fan Made — as i already said you that you get fan made or a unofficial Characters too. You get omni god, ssj5 grey transformation, xicor, ricoon etc. All this forms are totally amazing while when they boosting up their own powers.
  • All Anime — it’s a last para of characters introducing. This game is the combination of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Manga, Dragon Ball Fans Characters, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball GT, Absalon characters etc.

So i have mentioned here everything about this game. don’t forget to check out my all games on my website. I’m a die hard fan of anime and i like to play anime games and review for you all.

Power Warriors 12.0 Apk Download

click on the below link download power Warriors 12.0 latest apk. Make sure to enable the unknown Sources on your Android phone to install the apk successfully.

All Characters in this Game
Power Warriors 12.0
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