New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK Download

New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK Download

Hello everyone, Today I’m giving you the mini mugen game New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK Download. It’s a 2D Mugen APK Game with tiny pixels. It’s a Mugen version of Dragon Ball Legends, it’s an Mugen DBL not a official one. As you know users like to play Mugen APK now a days, the hype of Mugen Games are increasing day by day. It’s a very tiny game but still you can download this game and play. You get 4 cards for striking to your enemy. In this game you don’t get many combos because this is the small version of Mugen APK. You get health bar, blocking etc.

About New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK Download

In this New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK 8 characters are available for playing like stroy Mode, 1vs1, Training Mode etc.

  • S.Mode — Story Mode you can’t play because this is locked. After the update by developer of this game you can access this game easily. You will get more maps and new features for accessing this game but just wait for updates
  • 1vs1 — It’s a normal 1vs1 which you do in any fighting mugen games. Select whatever is your favourite character in this game and start playing this game. When you play 1vs1, maps or a stages comes randomly. All stages are available in this game like tournament of powers, mix materials arts, zen exhibition etc.
  • T.Mode — In training mode we can practice or improves ourselves for defeating opponent. In starting you can’t able to play this game because the perfect guidance is not available in this game. Without any guidance you have to master this game

All Characters in this Game

I already said you there are 8 characters are available in this game. I provided few screenshot so you can idea about this new game

  • Gogeta — You get gogeta blue in this game, you have already seen this form on Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie. In this game gogeta have kamehameha power which damage the opponent very badly.
  • Normal goku & ssj — you can see that we get normal goku with ssj transformation. The main power of goku in this game is ganki dama or a spirit bomb
  • Vegeta — In this game you don’t get blue form of vegeta, maybe in further updates they put blue vegeta. Only 2 forms are available of vegeta ssj. The power is final flash same as like Anime
  • Broly — The strongest warrior in Dragon Ball Series, More you beat him the more power he gathers. The main power of this character is mouth beam attacks and you get one more special attack of broly that is giga meteor. You can transform the broly in super saiyan broly.

Download this game by clicking this button, i provided mediafire link so you can download this game very easily.

All Characters in the Game
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