My Summer Car Apk OBB Download for Android

My Summer Car Apk OBB

If you guys have heard about the latest simulator game. Which is My summer Car Apk Obb then you must’ve thought that it has something about summer. However, if you’re thinking something like that then you’re completely wrong. It’s not about anything summer but it is about becoming a repairer. Which isn’t about Summer related things at all.

In my summer car apk download, we get to play as a guy. Who is skilled at fixing and detecting the issues of cars. In general, cars are very complex automobiles. These days there are so many problems occurring in different cars. This game faces all of the problems and results in a simulation game of repairing Auto Mobiles.

My summer car Android is a very different style of Simulator game. It looks different because of all the variations of things this game delivers. It focuses not only just on repairing but also on the character’s daily life. Where he needs to eat, rest, sleep, bathe, and do other things. Otherwise, he won’t stay healthy and can have different kinds of problems.

My Summer Car Apk OBB
My Summer Car Apk OBB

information about My Summer Car Apk OBB game

Hone your skills and become one of the finest car professionalists. Who deals with all of the problems associated with Cars and other customization to cars. Such as Paint, Headlights, better engine, and more in My Summer Car Android Download. Work hard and you can develop your business even more in-game. It’s very easy to get My Summer Car Apk + Obb for Your mobile.

Customers will come to your garage one by one and you have to take notice of their cars. In a short amount of time, you have to finish their customization and repairs. Otherwise, instead of earning, your money can get even less. During the day you work hard and at night you can choose between working overtime. Other than that you can rest in your true house as well.

As both repairing and Taking care of your character is also needed. You have to take notice of your sleep during the hard work too. Noticing that you can try the vehicle you repaired as well. By doing that you can test if the car is Fully repaired or it needs some adjustments too. Aside from your garage, the environment around you is very wide having tons of places to go.

information about My Summer Car Apk OBB game

Buy the supplies in My Summer Car

The supplies just won’t come to you on their own. You have to go to their store and buy the things you want. It can be tires, engines, Fuel, and more things needed for repair. Other than that there are shop markets to buy the daily life things as well. Which includes your food, toilet paper, drinks and other kinds of things. There is no wonder that obviously, you will need money to buy all the things.

Daily life needs of character

Everyone has their own kinds of daily needs in their lives. Considering that My Summer Car Apk is highly compressed. We get to control the garage man of the game. He needs to rest at night to recover his energy as well. That person can also use all of his home supplies and things. He can access the washroom for bathing and taking out load as well. He must look at his own status too and improve it by which he can access the refrigerator.

Daily life needs of character

Take your car to test drive

The big world of My Summer Car Apk Android is Just not for showing off. You can take your ride to the car which you have fixed to have a test. During which you can also enjoy the ride around the beautiful surroundings. Riding through the streets of the game is accessible any time you want to. Although some areas aren’t accessible during the night shift of the game. Still, you can have a very pleasant experience downloading My Summer Car Apk + OBB.

Minimum System Requirements

The least requirements to play the game are very normal these days. You only need around the space in the internal storage of 1GB and more. It is because the game will be installed in the internal memory of the device. Additional up to that at least 2GB of RAM is necessary to feel smooth gameplay. 2GB RAM these days aren’t a big thing to have and every game needs it. Android 5.1 + is needed also to play My Summer Car Apk File.

Some Polished Functions of game

  • Nearly 375+ types and varieties of Cars or Auto Mobiles to see and repair in-game.
  • Different kinds of customers are divided into Normal ones and Premium customers are present.
  • Very easy and plausible controls where you can control everything even while being on Android and IOS.
  • Needs to take care of personal life daily stuffs such as Resting, Eating, Bathing, and more in this game.
  • Everyone can access this game and play it as it is only of 800MB game and easy to get on your phone.
  • The highly compressed file of My Summer Car Android Apk is to be obtained from this website.

What if you repair the vehicle wrong?

Friends if you repair the vehicle you have ordered wrongly. You have to take some facing of doing that my friends. You can input the engine wrong, headlights wrong, and do other kinds of mistakes. There is no ending in listing the number of mistakes you can do. However, if you do that, a large amount of money will be deleted from your account. It is hard to earn money in the My Summer Car IOS file so you have to take care of it. You can even end your career if you keep on doing mistakes like these.

Following Steps to Download My Summer Car for Android and IOS

  • These are the following steps that guide you through downloading My Summer Car Android.
  • You all need to get access to the game file link. Which you can do this by accessing the link by clicking on the download button.
  • After that, you can get to the website where you download the game. You can find a link there attached to the game file.
  • Get the game from that attached link. Then you have to wait up until it finishes up its download process.
  • The point to be taken is that the application My Summer Car Apk Obb is a free game. Which takes the skills of your mechanical knowledge in terms of fixing Cars.
Name My Summer Car
Game byAm-Tech
Supports onAndroid & iOS
File TypeApk
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