Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK for Android

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK for Android

Hello everyone, Hope you all are fine, Today finally I’m giving you the latest version of Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK for Android. You get almost everything in this New Mugen APK. this is the finally new version of this game after a long time. Jump Ultimate Stars have several series which is there on youtube. In this game you get everything whatever you want, it’s a full of Collection of all anime. For furthermore updates the creator will add more options and function to this Mugen Game. This game is fully design by seeing all aspects of anime. You get the best voice over behind the all Characters, which make this game more real while playing. This game is sperated by 2 options, one is Short Version Lite and another one is full version.

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK for Android

In short one you get minimum Charaters for playing and in a long version you get everything. There are many options are included for playing this game. The Creator of this APK is AlexDzy Gaming. I posted many Mugen Games here don’t forget to check out. If you didn’t downloaded my Bleach Vs Naruto than download now. Behind the characters all voice are design so accurate which makes this APK more interesting. It’s totally mind blowing Game which is very addictive. Let’s see how we can play this game in next paragraph.

Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK for Android

About Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK

Here i will tell you about how many options you will get in this game. You can play this game via TeamPlay, Single play etc. There are more common options are like Training, option, credits, exit etc.

About Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen APK
  • Team Play — In this feature you can choose your own Character, opponent you can select too. Here you can play 1vs1 or a duo vs duo. 1vs1 is quite simple as compare to duo. For playing duos you need to first practice this game because it’s a hard feature without practicing you can’t handle this game.
  • Single Play — it’s a normal option 1vs1. Most of them play only this option because it’s a basic gameplay features. Select your player and your fight will begins with a random opponent. Here you don’t get double player or anything.
  • Training mode — it’s a normal option which is provided by any other games. Training mode is a very important option for understanding any particular game. In starting you have to first train yourself in training room.
  • Credits — In this option you can only know that how many creator had created this game.

All Characters in this APK GAME

As i said this is the collective APK Package of all anime. There are 150+ Characters available in this game, if i start writing down the all characters names the post will stretch very much. Some of main characters names will be mentioned here.

  • Saitama — Everyone who’s this character who have a capability to destroy the opponent in one punch. In game they have given the same voice of Saitama. When he use his main power the dialogue we can hear very clearly.
  • Goku ssj3 — In this newly update of this game now ssj3 have dragon fist power which look very cool.
  • MUi Goku — This Character have automatic body movement attacks. He have a counter attack with kamehameha which damage the opponent full blood bar.
  • Others — There are many more anime characters are available like Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, DBS, One Punch Man, One Peice, Death Note, Fairy Tale etc.

How To Download GAME

i provided two link for downloading this Game one is short version and another one is full version. I will recommend you to download full version because in short version there is a shortage of Characters. In full version you get everything with more characters

How To Download GAME
Jump Ultimate Stars
Offered by
AlexDzy Gaming
Download Size
1.61GB, 800MB
Fighting Game
Need Rom
Need Ram
Need Version
Up to 5.0
Need Processor
Up to Quad Core
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