GTA 4 PSP ISO Highly Compressed Download

GTA 4 PSP ISO Highly Compressed Download

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Hello and whats up everyone, finally the day is here where I’m gonna provide you GTA 4 PSP ISO. This is the popular third-person shooter game which works on ppsspp apk. You guys can download this game in a 2 ways, one is apk version and second one is ppsspp. I will like to prefer you psp/ppsspp, it’s a GTA 4 PPSSPP Download Highly Compressed. Moreover you have a chance to enhance the graphics in GTA 4 PSP ISO Highly Compressed Download. Rockstar was given us the 16 parts GTA Games. From all those parts GTA 4 is the 3rd longest story game in all gta.

GTA 4 PSP ISO Highly Compressed Download


The best thing about ppsspp iso is that we get suppress file of any game. Even in apk also we can compress file but ppsspp compress more compare to apk. Basically every kind of devices have tendency to handle this file. We make a more smooth and preferable files for very low devices also. I have only one aim that every users of my website can easily play my all games without any issues. I provide original and compressed file both. Original file are easily compaitable with high devices and compressed file is for lower device.



There are many new thing you can do in this game like parachuting, bike stunts, terrace fall, jetpack, tanks, guns activate, boat code, purchase house, super punch, etc. All this things make this game more entertaining and funny. Compare to this GTA V have more options and features. Tons of funny videos are uploaded on gta 5 games. This game have a more unique and excellent graphics. Compare to GTA San Andreas rockstar has enhance the graphics more in gta 4.

Michael is the composer of this game, same composer for gta san Andreas too. The making and developer of GTA 4 PSP is Rockstar Toronto, New England Rockstar, North Rockstar, etc.

More Mod in this game

  • Zombie Apocalypse:- zombie mode is one of my favourite mode in this game. After activating this mode, every pedisterian becomes zombie. There is one amazing scene which you can do with zombies. Let the all zombie chase you then take all zombie to the road. Once all the zombie gather then you can kill them with your gun and vehicle. By vehicle it’s more amazing, in guns you have to reload everytime.
  • Snow Weather:- this is really good weather, you can do many things in this mode. Activate the skiing option, go to the top of valley and skiing to the down. Even you can go to the curve stunt board, skiing to that board and rotate yourself for backflip.
  • Shark O Matic Gun:- The best guns with best finishing with shark structures. The best part is that when you shoot to the person, they go up to the air. Shark come from the chamber and you have to kill that shark with Shark O Matic Gun.
  • Jetpack:- some time cops covers you from all around. Then you can activate this jetpack and easily fly from them.
  • Dual Wielding:- its a option where you guys can shoot from 2 guns at the same time. Your both hands will have 2 auto guns, you can take a shot from both gun simultaneously.
  • Spider Man
  • Death Race
  • Selfie Mod
  • American Sleep

GTA 4 PSP Zip File Download

  1. It’s very easy to load a Gta 4 psp zip file to your android.
  2. Please follow the all instruction to have a perfect installation of this game.
  3. You need 3 apps gta 4 psp zip, ppsspp apk, zarchiver, etc.
  4. First download the main file from below.
  5. If you are using ppsspp blue then remove it and install ppsspp gold apk from below.
  6. Once you settle all things the main procedure is to extract your gta 4 zip from zarchiver.
  7. Once you done above procedure correctly, you can proceed game by opening ppsspp.
  8. If some problem occurs then tell me your problem by pinning comments below in this page.
Game TypeAction/Adventure.
Works onPPSSPP Apk
Supports onAndroid & iOS
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