God of War 4 Apk+Obb Download for Android

God of War 4 Apk+Obb Download for Android

Hello Gow fans, finally I’m come back with a new game which is fully based action sequence. One of the best fighting game is God of War 4 Apk Download for Android. In the world of gaming GOW 4 Apk is always mention by any gamer or a streamers. This games runs all around of 4 aspects which is three dimension. Moreover you got easy handle on device, control set up of this game is outstanding. God of War 4 Apk Download is easy because I’m gonna give you direct load options. If you want this game on your psp then checkout my God of War 4 Apk Download for Android PPSSPP.

God of War 4 Apk+Obb Download for Android
God of War 4 Apk+Obb

God of War 4 Mobile

by our this page you can have a God of War 4 Mobile Game Download very easily. We have summerized and suppressed this apk very much for having a smoothness while playing. Sorry because you will have a degrade graphics version of this game. Because high Graphics of God of War 4 Apk Android is not capable. Android is not capable to handle such type of Graphics thats why I’m gonna give you God of War 4 Apk+Obb Highly Compressed. Our lower devices users can also have a this game.

Still i know that day’s when people are waiting for this game with full of excitement. After launching of this game every popular streamers had done the live stream of God of War 4. Even every guys has watched high graphics of God of War 4 Gameplay Videos on youtube. This game is not on playstore, online is the only resources of having this game. We are providing this game with 2 method one is for apk and another one is for ppsspp. You should have apk because there are some bugs problem on ppsspp. In further we may fix the problem ppsspp file of god of war. Now have a apk version of gow 4.

God of War 4 Mobile
God of War 4 Apk


Our kratos is the main protagonist of this game. He do many things in this game like create openings and very much things. In that all creates he have a energy power and bar power. The more he goes into the story the more he have a chance to get new weapons. Still i know that attack which is my favourite spinning of Blades Athena. This is very useful when the all enemies comes to you with all around. Wrath Artemis is very useful when many enemies comes nearby you. In this special attack kratos push the all enemies back with his full of power.

Features of GOW 4

There are many more burning powers are there for kratos. Hephaestus is best attack which provides the little damage to a opponent. Small amount of fire comes with this attack. Not only this but also many powers are there in this game. The more you explore the further story of this game the more you have a chance to get a new weapons and Attacks.

New Weapons and Skills

  • Blades of Chaos:- we all know what does this weapon means. All part of God of War in starting this is the only weapons which he use. Well this is the weapon which is connected with heavy chains. First time kratos had met with this weapon on a darkest place. This weapon is very special because blades of chaos can also contains fire. There are numerous of new attacks which he perform by this weapon. Actually this is the only weapons which suits the kratos very much.
  • Leviathan Axe:- kratos use this weapon for having a heavy down attacks on enemy. This axe needs two hand, the damage of this weapon is very much. Every one say that this is looks like thor axe, there are certain symbol and sign we have seen. The full upgrade of this weapon is very powerful, the one Attack of this axe and enemy is down.
  • mjolnir:- this is the hammer which is called an thor hammer. Not the real one but the similar one. Brok and the sindri are the brother who make this weapon for a thor. They both are one of the best blacksmith on this game. If you don’t know this Weapon is the deadly weapon in existence of the aesir.
  • Guardian Shield:- this shield is very unique, creator use this shield for pushing the enemy back. Sometimes he use the heavy attack of this shield on the head of the enemy. You can’t imagine by this shield have a 12 skills attack. This shield always remain on the left arm of kratos. This is really helpful for pushing a enemies backside.
New Weapons and Skills

Other Weapons

  • Surtr’s sword:- this is not a ordinary sword, this weapon contain the flaming fires. The ending destroyer weapon when thor comeback to the asgard. This swords remain on the place of Muspelheim, sometimes atreus train himself by this sword. This is the deadliest weapon under the nine realms. History says that one swipe of this weapon can destroy the all over asgard.
  • Talon Bow:- you know that boy which runs with the kratos. So this bow use by that boy, talon bow is always remain on his back. This little boy is very useful while intense fight of enemy and kratos. When enemies come to chase or attack kratos he use his bow from long distance. Kratos always protect this boy from enemy, all stories runs with this two character. In every situation that little boy helps to kratos.
  • Stone Chisel Tip:- this is a piece of stone which is very useful for opening the gates. Not a ordinary gates, the gates are full of magic which is need chisel tip for opening. Om the realms kratos use chisel to just sealed doors.

God of War 4 Requirements

well the requirements is not much needed because this file is completely compressed by me. Still if you have a very lower device then may some problem can occur. Higher devices users not gonna get any problems. Still this game needs minimum 2GB Ram and 32GB Rom. You guys should have up to 600 processors of Snapdragon.

God of War 4 Apk+Obb free Download for Android

  • from here you can download this game very simply. By following some certain steps and the game will be in your hand.
  • you just have to download 2 files one is apk and another one is obb.
  • First download the god of war 4 apk from below.
  • Once you download gow 4 apk then don’t open the apk directly. Obb is needed for running the game.
  • Download the second file obb then extract the obb file.
  • For Extraction you should go with Zarchiver tool. Now place the obb file intro android/obb.
  • once you done this procedure then you can have a perfect game.
GameG.O.W 4
Size46MB + 276MB
DevelopedSanta Monica Studio
Published bySONY Entertainment
Offline Yes
File TypeApk
Works onAndroid
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