God Hand PPSSPP ISO Zip File Download for Android

God Hand PPSSPP ISO Zip File Download for Android

Hello Gamers, Today your search is ends here because I’m gonna provide you God Hand PPSSPP. One of the best action and fighting game. This game was so popular on steam and Gaming ratings. This game is basically provided for computers and Android Devices. Well I’m giving you suppressed file, i mean God Hand PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed. Droid devices are very easy handle this game. You can easily have a Android Version of God Hand PPSSPP Android Game Download.

God Hand PPSSPP ISO Zip File Download for Android With New Powers and Attacks. New many monsters and Characters are available in this new Update.

Here you will get Android version, if you want pc version of this game then go to the another article. Here you will get only God Hand PPSSPP Emulator Download. Best thing that I’m gonna give you direct links which comes with mediafire. There are some articles which is giving file for high devices. That files are big approximately 800mb. But I’m giving God Hand PPSSPP Highly Compressed 200mb.

About God Hand PSP ISO

This is the action game which sometimes take a turn into comedy scenes. There are numerous of monster are there in this game. The main protagonist who runs in this game can pick up any things. He have a tendency to pick that big metal rod. Some times bunch of enemies strike you then you can use that metal rod. By only one attack of that metal can clear your all enemies. The more you go to the next level enemies becomes more powerful. In God Hand Game there is only one thing, main protagonist Characters have to save the world from the demons.

About God Hand PSP ISO
God Hand PSP


The main characters moves to all 4 direction in this game. You will get one face button which gonna use to give a power. In starting you have a limited and basic powers. After completing certain levels, you will get many more powers. The more enemies becomes strong and powerful the more different types of power you will gonna get. That final blow punch which is performed by protagonist, he wait for milliseconds for giving that super puch. In game you will gonna see all abnormal enemies. In game you can perform crouch, jump, pick up things, perform special powers, etc.

Features of God Hand

You will get that all that psp buttons square, circles, X, Traingle, etc. The square is responsible for giving the all special powers. This is unbelievable that in this game you have 100 different types of moves. The main characters know the all moves of martial arts. There are some movement which he perform is totally based on martial arts.

More About this Game

Attacking gestures and style is the only main reason why this game is popular. He can kick that all monsters with different types of kicks. In any other game you will see coins, in god hand you will have orbs at the place of coins. The powers unlock by that skull card. The more you go to the next level, you will get more skull cards. Each skull card is unique because by using that cards you will have a different unique powers. In starting you will have a small bars of health then that bars gonna increase too.

The more enemies hit you the power level increases. You can use that increased power to give a unbelievable super power. If many enemies strikes you, don’t worry because now you have a chance to use your full power potential. Guys you will like that cinematic effects which makes a scene more cool. There are some moves and Attack which is shown in slow motion cinematic effects.

God hand game


In shop you will have a many things like buying a fashion bracelets. By using that orbs you guys can have a many skills powers. There are some certain movement which is only purchased by some. All moves which is unlocked by skull cards are not that much rare. In game the more you defeats enemies you get more bonus points. Between the fights you can even you can buy many things. The shops location always shows in that map. By chasing the location you can enter to that show and buy anything you want. You should have many orbs to buy all those things on shops.

God Hand PPSSPP Game file free Download for Android

  • Go to the below and click for download your main god hand ppsspp zip file download.
  • Once you reached your main file then go towards for zarchiver tool.
  • It’s a tool which is very helpful for extracting zip files.
  • If you want to unlock full potential of this game then you should extract that save datas files.
  • This game is little bit big that’s why you should have ppsspp gold apk.
  • No worry because I’m gonna provide below gold ppsspp apk.
  • Delete your old blue psp then install our ppsspp gold.
GameGod Hand
Size 280MB
DeveloperClover Studio
Directed byShinji Mikami
Supports onAndroid, iOS.
Game Rating 4.5/5
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