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If you’re looking for another fantastic touch screen Football game for your Android. You’re at the best place, my friends. Now you can get FTS 22 APK OBB which is the newest Football game for phones. First Touch Soccer 22 is a very perfect game with perfect control.

It is because the developers have a very stable game for Android and IOS now. Mainly the game is for these devices because there aren’t many Football games. At last, a fine football game is for your mobile which is FTS 2022 APK + OBB. You can now get the game easily as well.

When you talk about getting a Football game. All you want is to have everything which an original football match has. Hence you will be highly interested in FTS 2022 APK Android. If you want to perform the moves of your favorite footballer. You can do that as well by just playing this glorious football game.


About FTS 22 APK OBB

FTS 22 is a game of the “First touch soccer” series. Which is responsible for being one of the greatest football or soccer games for Android. Standing and raising the level of football games for Android by this franchise. First Touch Soccer 22 apk obb is a very great simulation game about football. There are many different game features for you to take your own part in it.

You can be or hire a manager for your own self. Players can forge their own team consisting of their favorite members from their favorite team. All the original license players are added on in FTS 22 Android. license players mean that these are original and real-life famous players of football. Whereas the game needs to have permitted them to add them in the game.

About FTS 22 APK OBB

Detail of this game

Otherwise, they aren’t really allowed to do anything like that including them. Furthermore, new kinds of updates are always there to cheer you on to play more. It provides new content to the game while also giving new players and fields. Speaking of the fields and stadium, there is plenty of real-life stadium. These are off across the whole world because there are plenty of them.

Fictionalized Stadiums of Real life

There is Stadium in which every footballer plays their match. These stadiums of various Countries were then rebuilt as the game stadiums in FTS 22 Apk download. What makes them so better in 2022 of a first touch soccer game is that they are very expanded than other releases in the franchise. There are nearly 67 stadiums, each of different country in the game.

Fictionalized Stadiums of Real life

New license Players

New footballers or soccer players from FIFA or other famous championships are added on in FTS 22 Apk + Obb. license players were always in these games but there are those players which were featured in 2022. Every single character has their own stats which differs in another way for everyone. Players have to stat them out and categories them into their team to make a very well-rounded team. You can also have your team focused on specific stats as well such as defensive or offensive, even supportive.

More championships and Leagues

Championship and leagues are the life of Soccer and Football games. These are one of the biggest events to be held in the soccer series. Championship and league are available in FTS 22 for you to take participation as well. These have special prizes for you if you win up in a high spot of them. You can also get runner-up awards by just participating in the following game matches. Leagues are different than a championship, you and your whole team need to score the highest points in them to gain victory. Which of course gives you many helpful rewards as well.

More championships and Leagues

Minimum requirements to run FTS 22 APK

First Touch Soccer 22 is a fully compatible soccer game for Android. Furthermore, it still needs to have some of the minimal requirements, my friends. These requirements are easy to have as well. 1GB RAM and 1GB Storage additional to higher Android Version than 5.1 is needed. It would be better if you have a better battery in your phone as well such as a Nearby 4000Mah battery. It is a game with a full offline function where you can play the game offline as well. Overall a very small requirement is needed to play FTS 2022 APK and Obb on your phone.

Following steps to get FTS 22 APK OBB Android

  • If we talk about Football and Soccer generally. It is a game all about focus and to trick your opponents and making the goal. It is a very famous sport and you would like to play it on your phones as well. Here we have FTS 22 which is another fantastic release in the First Touch Soccer gaming Franchise. Which is a game you can play without any issues or glitches because this is made for only phones devices.
  • In case you really like the game and have to obtain it. Everybody has to go up to down Below. There you will see the button of download by which you can get the game which is FTS 22 apk download.
  • It is an APK file so now you have to install it. Which you can do that by opening the APK file and simply just installing it on your phone. It will take some of its time to complete the installation on your phone.
  • When the Apk file is done installing by its process. You can find the game by its icon on the title screen of the main menu of your phone. Simply just open the game and now you can play and run FTS 22 on any phone device.

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Why is it called First Touch Soccer generally?

It is called First Touch Soccer because the company is behind the making of one of the first touch soccer games. They have a very compatible Football or soccer game which can be played by just touch. All kinds of touch controls by which you control everything in-game are there for you. Special buttons D-pad buttons are available there for you to control your character.

What’s new in the 2022 version of FTS?

Many kinds of latest functions are in the 2022 version of FTS APK Obb. Such as the new manager option where you can hire them or also work in their job. Managers are there to handle everything going on your team. Other than that special flag creator and also costume creator is added. A new type of graphic is implemented to make the game look more realistic than being an animated game.

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