FAUG Game for Android & iOS Phones | Faug Download APK

FAUG Game for Android & iOS Phones | Faug Download APK

What’s up everyone, Today we will discuss very important factors about FAUG Game for Android. As you know after ban of PUBG Mobile users are really sad, specially in India. The nCORE Games Developer are trying to make a battle royal games, same like Pubg mobile. nCORE is an Indian developers community. They are making 3 Apps or a games for Indian users. This new game Faug have more real graphics as compare to any other battle royal games. Developers as announced that you get Story Battle option in this game. We all know that when tencent developers had released his pubg mobile the graphics are not so good. After every furthermore updates one by one changed the whole interference of pubg mobile. In starting no one is perfect games or anything. After including updates or new creative ideas make any game more optimised and good.

FAUG Game for Android & iOS Phones | Faug Download APK

Maybe this new Faug Game for Android interference we don’t like but after the each Updates the game will become more cool. We should support our Indian developers, we should gave them one more chance to grow up. You can play this new battle royal game same as like you played pubg mobile. You will drop yourself by parachute and easily collect any type of guns. You can collect all gun attachments than you can do hot drop same as like Pubg mobile.

More About FAUG APK

Actually this game is releasing by the famous artists Akshay Kumar. People are spreading very fake news about Faug Game for Android. Many Creators or a youtuber are making fake videos. Don’t trust anyone or click any links because the game will finally releasing on September 2020. Before the officially game release nCORE will give us beta testing APK.

In playstore there are thousands of Faug Game is cloned. All that games are only cloning, fake, misleading etc. After the ban of pubg the users are so excited for playing faug. Don’t be so rud because there is one more game you can play free fire. There is one myth that people are saying why after pubg banned in india the Indian gaming developers had announced their games.

FAUG Game More Information

This is totally myth because this new game idea is actually announce before pubg ban in india. This might be a good to play our India games. Akshay Kumar is an Indian actor, he like to do action, stunts, fighting etc. He’s expert in martial arts, he had already teach many students to do marital arts. he like to play shooting games, fighting games etc.

FAUG Game More Information

This new game idea is actually given by Akshay Kumar to nCORE Gaming Community. Not because of only pubg ban in India, this idea is running in his mind before pubg ban. After the long time finally the Indian Gaming Developers are making so big project. they have added one more options in this new game Battle Story. In this new options the games will go as per the story line up. Most of them like to play Story mode but specially i like to play battle royal, death match etc. There are many more options will be their to handle more comfortably. From the now there is no Beta Links or testing game APK is provided from nCORE. Save my this page to your bookmarks because after the releasing of Beta APK, i will provide that link below of this page.

How To Download | Steps to Install the Game

As i said the game will release on September but for playing beta version of this game, you to need follow some important steps.

  • Beta version comes with zip files which you have to extract first. There are many applications are available on play store.
  • There 2 apps which are very important for extracting all this files. Types of files can be extracted by using all this tool.
  • There are many types of files are there like zip, rar, cso, pz etc. All this file can easily extract by using tool
  • i mention here 3 extracting tool names es file explorer, z archeiver, rar etc.
  • For extracting beta testing APK, click long press on that file. Then click on more option, than click on extract file. Then simple click on extract here.
  • After extracting your game you can play your game easily.

How to Play Faug Game

The whole interference looks very similar to pubg mobile. You can play this game in many aspects like fpp & tpp modes. In India almost every players like to play tpp. The main reason why people choose to play tpp? Bag skin, helmet skin, cloth skin etc. Actually in fpp we can’t able see our all skin that’s why people like to play tpp. In reality tpp is little bit cheating because now we have the advantages of tpp. Users use the third person camera while taking tpp, this sense make this mode cheated. Real streams don’t prefer to play tpp, because in pc fpp is more played by any streamers. Even the king of pubg shroud as confirm that tpp mode is cheating.

Special Information About Faug Game

So we are discussing about how to play? It’s very easy same as like any other battle royal games. I’m so addict to play pubg with gyroscope features. Yup, this features has changed the whole history of shooting games. I use this features too, while playing any other shooting games. In Faug Game for Android you get shoot button, scoping button, crouch, jump, scrolling, reloading, Character moving analog button, guns shifting button etc. All this dedicated button you get in this new game.

If you are thumb player than you can play this game very easily. 4 fingers players can also play this game too, but it’s might hard to play 4 fingers. As per your comfort zone you can play this game with multi touch. I’m the thumb player, i have more advantage to do jiggle. The disadvantages of thumb is that i can’t do many things like simultaneously move+shoot+crouch. In t1 tier or a pmco final people are so advance. Now a days 4 fingers are very normal, people are performing up to 5 fingers.

Special Information About Faug Game
nCORE Games
Android & iOS
Tag Line
Fearless and United Guards
Need Ram
Up to 4GB
Need Rom
Need Processor
Up to Snapdragon 660
Need Version
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