Farming Simulator 19 Apk + Obb Download for Android

Farming Simulator 19 Apk + Obb Download for Android

Hello Simulator Games fans, I’m going to interact you all with Farming Simulator 19 Apk Free. Finally we are come back with the next series of simulator apk games. The best and the popular game under the simulation games. This game was so popular in that time, people had played all series of this game. This file is Farming Simulator 19 Apk Download Without Verification. Game gonna open directly without any proof and verification. This game is Fully based on three-dimensional graphics. The graphics of this game is full of natural and greenery. The best is that this file is Farming Simulator 19 Apk Download Unlimited Money.

Farming Simulator 19 Apk + Obb Download for Android
Farming Simulator 19 Apk

The whole location of this game is design from europeans and American. This game is the cultivation game where you have to know how to harvest. There are many things which you have to put on that surface. Many of things you can grow in this game corn, wheat, sunflowers, etc. There are up to 15 things which you can cultivate in this game. It’s a really interesting game where you will get many knowledge about farming skills.

About Farming Simulator 19 Apk Game

You will get different types of machine and vehicle to get the proper result on it. Up to 300 varieties are there for machinery and vehicles. Not only farming but also many various things you guys can do in this game. By giving the proper food to the another animal can give us many benefits. In another animal like cow and horse, by selling milk of this animal. You will get many more coins and money. By all this money you can buy more strong and good vehicles for more cultivation. The more you cultivate the more you give to your animals. Then more earning will gonna have by using all those milks.

About Farming Simulator 19 Apk Game


For doing anything you need land, for land you need a lots of money. In starting you have to start with basic vehicle. Basic vehicles don’t have such power to give you many advantages. After earning little money can help you to get more strong with more features vehicles. In game you will have DLC Map which is really helpful to know the proper location of everything. There are overall two maps are given in this game. This game starts where the farm manager who gives you many money but with no lands. By using all those money can have a new open things for you.

More about this game

  • Vehicles:- By using resources of amimal can have a more vehicles like fiat 1300 DT. it’s vehicles which you will gonna get in blue colour. It’s basic and tiny tactor which comes on the first or a second time. The most expensive vehicle in this game is Case IH Quadrac 620. One of the mega and heaviest vehicle in this simulation game. The price range of this vehicle is up to 5 lakh dollar.
  • Horses:- The horses are very expensive in this game because they are very useful to make situation easy. The price range selected for horses are 5000 thousands dollar. Paddock is also available in this game, the smallest and cute animal. You have to pay for animal cleanliness, this are the cost which you have to pay for horse security. There are sum of 8 horses are given in this game like seal brown, pinto, dun, gray, chestnut, bay, etc.
  • Crops:- sunflowers and corn and more various types of crops are given in this game. You have to do framing so you can sell all those crops for earning.
More about this game

Release Date

This game was released on 20th Nov 2018, for many condoles like ps4, xbox, series s, mac os, etc. This game developed by Giants Software. The publisher of this apk is focus home entertainment. The designer artist of this game who design the whole texture and background is nh. The best thing is that this game supports multiplayer option. Now you grow yourself with other players too. Now you can get many ideas from other player for making a better farming place.


In game you wil have a different attachments for making a correct farming like soil baler. After going to each level you have to upgrade your vehicle condition. For making a perfect digs on the surface they have added forklifts and more other tools. All this tools are really helpful to make a hard farming to easy farming. It’s a modern technique which is so easy to get fast work. Once you install this game and start playing then you will understand about this game.

Farming Simulator 19 Free Apk Download for Android

  • Download this apk from Below and the get the apk for 100% free.
  • By this simulation game i have added another Simulator game. You should try that another game. It’s goods carring game, where the all trucks carry the lots of goods.
  • You can download farming Simulator 19 directly.
  • complete that verification page which is very easy.
  • Wait for only 15 seconds then you guys can proceed your download.
GameFarming Simulator 19
Genre Simulation Games
Works onAndroid, iOS.
DeveloperGiant Software
Released on20th Nov 2018
Game Rating 9/10
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