Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mugen APK Download for Android

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mugen APK Download for Android

Hello Mugen Fans, Today is the big day because we have Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mugen APK Download for Android. In this New Mugen APK You get Unlocked characters with migatte no gokui. Go hurry up and download this game, it’s too amazing to play this game on Android. All power and music themes are so perfect as per the maps. If you’ll take a tournament of power maps, you will here MUI Theme. Finally, the New 2D Game of Xenoverse is released for you all. In YouTube community tabs, i saw people always vote for Xenoverse Mugen APK. This game you can easily play on your Laptop/PC. i had played this game on my laptop many times but i didn’t imagine that this game will come for Android version.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mugen APK Download for Android

About Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game

This is totally mind blasting, while playing on my phone this game don’t have any single issue. The optimisation of this game is too good, easily handleable by your both thumb. If you are finding a such game which have a many modes, i will recommend you this game. In this game you get total 9 option, in this 9 option there are 7 option have only modes. So you can select and play any options of them.

About Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game

I have provided option section screenshots of this Dragon Ball Xenoverse Mugen APK. In next para we will discuss about all Specifications of modes in this Xenoverse Mugen. In every Mugen APK Game list, this game comes on a top 10 list. The main reason Why users play Xenoverse Mugen so much? Optimisation, let me give you one example. Why people play subway surf so much because of optimisation. Xenoverse Mugen is too good in optimise, handling, graphics, characters, power etc.

How many Modes in Xenoverse Mugen APK

Unfortunately in this APK you don’t get any Story mode because this game is based on only arcade, round of death and so on. In my previous Post Dragon Ball Raging Blast have a story mode, if like to play S.Mode you should go with Raging Blast. Xenoverse Mugen don’t have S.Mode, all quick modes are available. In this game you can’t see any text dialogue before a match. Simply, select the characters and start clearing the opponent. I don’t like story mode, the game become so lengthy. After a sometime the game become boring in S.mode. Now let’s talk about how many modes in Xenoverse.

  • T.A & T.V:- T.A stands for team arcade, i hope you all know what is actually mean by team arcade. You can select your character more than 2. The opponent will also come more than 2. It’s a duo vs. duo, sometime this become more difficult to play. T.V stands for Television, just kidding. It’s a Team Versus, where the all characters comes randomly.
  • Versus & Arcade:- both works with single unit player, this stands for solo vs. solo or a 1v1. Arcade is more preferable by any users, it’s a first option in every fighting game
  • Survival:- Survival Mode is too good for a player who have to become pro in this game. This mode don’t have any limits, defeat your enemy until you die.
  • P.Mode:- No fighting game comes without training or a practice mode. Actually, how this game works? Only know by doing practice in P.Mode.
  • Configuration:- here you can control your graphics/Sound. You can switch on/off your sounds as per your comfort. Some users don’t like background musics in mugen, they can easily switch off that music. There are many more things you can do in configuration option.

All Characters in Xenoverse Mugen APK

In Xenoverse Mugen there are 46 characters are available with Dragon ball super characters. In this game there are some characters of dbz, dbgt, dbs etc. Kefura is the potara fusion of two bodies, kale and caulifla. All characters names in Dragon ball is kept as per the vegetables names. Ex: Vegeta = Vegetables, Beerus = beer, caulifla = cauliflower. In Japanese we say kefura, in English dub we say kefla.

  • Kefla:- he perform the red cyclone attack in this game, use L+UP + O to give main power
  • UI Goku:- Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku comes with [ABM] attack, actually it’s know as automatic body movement.
  • Final Zamasu:- Zamasu have a purple beam attack power to strike the opponent, even base form of Zamasu is also included in menu
  • Gogeta blue:- In broly movie we all had seen how amazing gogeta was looking. He have a rainbow power which damage the opponent very badly
  • Hit:- We called this character hit but in Japanese they say hitto. He is Master in time skip. the more you beat him, the more he gain a more second to skip a time.
All Characters in Xenoverse Mugen APK
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