Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD Download

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD Download

Hello Gamers, Today finally I’m providing you the best MOD of all Time, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD Download. There are many mods are available on youtube about Xenoverse. Many modders try to make a best Xenoverse textures but this mod is top of all Xenoverse 2 Mods. The creator has given the 100% hard working to making this mod textures. From the now there are several mods are available on Xeno but this is something special. Literally, they have design the each texture very accurately. Not only the characters are new but also the maps are redesign too. This mod is totally Mind Blasting, it’s looks very similar to real Xenoverse 2. Whole interference of menu or a game sense is design by seeing real Xenoverse 2. Users are very shocked after seeing this new update of DBZ TTT Mods Game.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD Download

Finally, you can download this DBZ TTT Xenoverse Mod Download for PPSSPP. This game have a whole package like iSO, menu, Save data etc. Yes, you get menu for this game. There is no need of Characters list or for knowing the place of Characters. Menu is already provided by creator, you have to be extract that menu zip file. Then you need save data too for unlocking your full Characters. All necessary files i have provided below of this page. From below you can easily download my all files. Tell me in comment section If you have any problems regarding extraction, black screen, lag issues, frame drop etc. Well, this game is working very good, you don’t get any issues in this iSO. If you face still any problems don’t forget to tell me. Below on this page you can ask any questions regarding this iSO.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD Download

More About Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PPSSPP Download

This New Game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD is design by PPSSPP 2KMODS. You can access his channel on youtube, he design the best iSO with good textures. Don’t forget to check out his channel. As i said the menu looks almost same as like real Xenoverse 2 Game. There are many options are available for play this game. The best thing of this iSO it’s a English Mod. While selecting any options you will get English text. In menu you get english language so you don’t need to bother about anything. I provided some screenshots of this game where you can see easily the graphics and language of this iSO. In this game you get almost every character of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

More About Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PSP MOD

Well, you can handle this game with some common options same like any other game you have played. You get many options like Battle Selection, Story, Free Battle, Multiplayer, Time Patrol, Training etc. I provided one screenshot regarding that how many options you get in this game.

  • Free Battle — are you ready for solo vs solo than you can select this option. It’s a simple options for playing 1vs1. Well, now you can choose to fight 2vs2.
  • Story — In every game you get story mode. Collect your battle points, more fight will give you more battle points.
  • T.Mode — Training Mode plays the vital role for any games. Users will feel irritation if they can’t able to understand the game, so the training mode is best option for training the game.

All Characters in this DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 Mod Download for PPSSPP

There Many Characters are included in this game. I have provided only the main characters names. If i start taking rest of Characters names the post will stretch very long.

  • MUi Goku — this form look so amazing in xenoverse graphics. It’s looks totally mind stun, the attacks are added totally new one. The aura looks so real, you can see this Charaters by screenshot on this page
  • Jiren — jiren have a 3D realistic graphics with meditation style gesture. The red aura make him more swagger. This jiren textures looks very similar to real graphics of xenoverse.
  • Trunks — We all know that how trunks with his swords. The graphics is so attractive, the galick gun power textures is replaced by new one
  • Gogeta and Vegito — They both can transform in Blue transformation. The blue form of vegito is my own favourite character. Vegito have a 1000% attitude level, blue form make him more swagger as compare to gogeta.

Procedure to INSTALL this GAME

  1. Links are provided below in this page with save data too.
  2. Well, first you have to install first z archeiver from playstore. It’s a extracting tool for zip files
  3. All this files are closed in zip files which you have to extract by z archeiver app.
  4. first extract your iSO then unlock your all characters by extracting save data
  5. Save data file should be extracted in psp folder to save data folder
  6. Extract your menu in psp folder to texture folder

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Fighting Game
Bandai Namco
Need Version
Up to 5.0
Need Processor
Up to Quad Core
Need Rom
Need Ram
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