Dragon Ball Super Mugen APK Download for Android

Dragon Ball Super Mugen APK Download for Android

Hello and welcome in my new mugen series. Finally I’m here so i can introduce you all with Dragon Ball Super Mugen. The best thing is that you guys can download this game for droid and ios. I’m so happy because I’m giving my own favourite Dragon Ball Super Mugen to you all. Actually this is the another version of Mugen APK. Please share this article in your friendzone because this is one of the mugen game in my opinion. After a very long time we have a perfect and big mugen game only for droid. Your feedback is really important for me, after playing this game tell me below how much you liked this game.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen APK Download for Android

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Apk

Bad news that you don’t get Jiren or a mastered ultra instinct goku in this game. Users are complaining that game name is DBS Mugen and main character are not there. The owner of this Mugen Apk said that in future he will gonna add this two character. So have a Patience because now creator had know that what users are demanding. The creator had already make many other mugen, every who’s him for making best Mugen Games. Even previous version of DBS Mugen Apk is designed and developed by him.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Apk

All Modes:

This new mugen comes with 11 options, you can do many thing in this game. In this eleven option you get 7 Modes for playing this game. Modes is the only thing which enhance your gaming experience.

All Modes:
  • Arcade (1vs1)
  • Versus (custom 1vs1)
  • Team Arcade (select 2 player)
  • Team Co-op
  • Survival (fight until you die)
  • Survival Co-op
  • Training
  • Options
  • Exit

All Characters in Dragon Ball Super Mugen

Limited Characters are there in this game, not third party anime characters are involved in this game. You will see only 24 Characters but main character which you really want. There are mix-up in characters like you will se Dragon Ball Z + DBS Mugen Characters both. 20+ maps are included in this game with live maping background images. Regarding in all this game is outstanding, you can play this game without any problem.

All Characters in Dragon Ball Super Mugen
  • Black Goku
  • Duplicate Vegeta (pink)
  • Hit
  • Beerus (god)
  • evil buu
  • fat buu
  • Cell
  • baradock
  • Goku (ssj, god, blue)
  • Vegeta (ssj, blue)
  • picoolo
  • Gohan
  • Krillin
GameDBS Mugen
Size228 MB
Game Type2D Mugen
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