Dragon Ball Legends Download Mugen APK for Android

Dragon Ball Legends Download Mugen APK for Android

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Hello Goku fans, Finally we have New 8bit game Dragon Ball Legends Download Mugen APK. Actually i wanted different set of dragon ball super characters mugen. Now we have a sperate mugen game with only dbs characters. It’s just a mugen package of only dragon ball super character. Official game of Dragon Ball Legends have a portrait mode. In this New Mugen APK they have maked the full textures like Dragon Ball Legends. No third application is need for this game like emulator, vpn and so on. It’s APK where you get all thing in merged in one file. It’s a best 2D Mugen fighting game with many new powers like Super KaMeHaMeHa and much more. However this game is good but no in the front of BVN 540. this version of BVN game have a strong fan base.

Dragon Ball Legends Download Mugen APK for Android

Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK

once you download that BVN version of 540 characters, after that no need to anything. This is because 540 Characters in takes all anime characters. Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK is available for download android/pc. In pc you can control this game more easily. Because in pc many things you get to control mugen or any games. In Android you just need your thumb to control this game.

Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK
1) Team Play
2) Single Play
3) Options
4) Training
Dragon Ball Legends Mugen APK

Characters in Dragon Ball Legends

default quantity is there in this game with 26 Characters. In all characters 10 transformation is only for goku, all forms are included with super attacks. Below i have given details specifications of characters in this game. You will like this game very much because it’s optimized very well.

Characters in Dragon Ball Legends
  • Kakarot:- In this game they have given our old Kakarot from dragon ball z anime. He just perform all those basic attacks like spirit bomb, KaMeHaMeHa and many more things. The main update is super Omni sayain 5, he is really powerful. Goku sos perform the power same as like orochi. Orochi is from king of Fighters game. Tha main power is Unicron, which is given for goku super omni saiyan. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku have 3 attacks which is really powerful attack. It’s takes up to 65% health of opponent, specially big giganatic KaMeHaMeHa.
  • Jiren:- In game jiren have off shirt look which is really furious. He block the opponent with his claws and throw them up than close his claws and smash it. In ki rising power jiren takes 1st place, whole surface starts shaking when he powerup his power.
  • Namek:- the only namek who have capability to become super nameks is our piccolo. Both transformation are given from this character nameks + super namek
  • other:- ultra instinct gogeta, ssj 5, final form of zamasu, god beerus, teen gohan etc.

How to download Dragon Ball Legends?

  • Easily downloadable because mediafire is there for Download
  • Page steps will comes after click, wait for a 15 second and download game
  • It’s not a verification page
  • It’s just a normal shorten link with only 15 sec estimate time
  • Extract Password:- subrekdong
GameDragon Ball Legends
Size 400 MB
TypeMugen 2D

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