Dragon Ball Jus Edition Mugen Apk Download

Dragon Ball Jus Edition Mugen Apk Download

What’s up Everyone, After a long time finally we have New Dragon Ball Jus Edition Mugen Apk. Yup, this version created for Android smartphone. This Mugen Apk is playable in Pc, Laptop, Android etc. Dragon Ball Jus Edition have many series like Edition 2, 3 and so on. It’s really mind-blowing game, while you select destroyed city map the theme desperate city starts on it self. In this game all maps have their own original theme, same as shown on anime series. If you select nameks planet than you will hear nameks theme. This Mugen Apk is not much pixelated, i mean this game is very latest version of Jus Edition. This game looks pretty cool, it’s a latest 2D pixel game which is very popular in Mugen World. This game is really controllable in android, you can easily handle this game with your two thumbs.

Dragon Ball Jus Edition Mugen Apk Download

More About Dragon Ball Jus Edition

You can play this game but still you need to do some practice because in this game you have to perform combos. Therefore you cannot manage combos by using only one button, you have to Click 4 button in a speed way. Mugen games are not easy, you have to be spend some time on training. Training is only way to conquer this game. In starting everyone is noob, by doing practices make you perfect to know this game. Dragon Ball Jus Edition have millions of Download in mugen world. mugen fans had given 5/5 Stars, the main reason to give this 5 stars is “Optimization” this game is so well optimized. For this, you have to first install this game than you will like this game too. There are many Mugen games which comes with difficult configuration, you can only manage all those game on laptop or a pc.

More About Dragon Ball Jus Edition

More In-depth about Dragon Ball Jus Edition

Here i will tell you about only in-depth information about Dragon Ball Jus Edition. If you have any problem regarding installation, mention your problem in comment box. I use Instagram, Skype, Snapchat to communicate people. Let’s begin, what you get in this game? There are some features in this game like modes, maps, combos, new power, new characters etc. In this new edition Mugen apk you get many new characters like mui goku, jiren, vegito blue etc. We will discuss about characters in next paragraph, here i will tell you only about modes or type. So let’s start this

More In-depth about Dragon Ball Jus Edition
  • A.Mode:- Basically A.Mode is known as arcade mode. this option Comes in top up of all options. It’s a basic option where you play 1v1 to your enemy. In simple words, most of people like to play only arcade mode because it’s too easy & fast way to play any game. In Compaign, Story game takes a lots of time.
  • Team Vs. Team:- if you know all controls about how to play this game than you can easily play this mode. Actually, this mode is little bit hard because here you have to face 2 opponents. Basically this option is known as 2vs2. Well, I don’t play this mode because it’s too hard to control. That’s why I skip this mode.
  • S.Mode:- In “Survival Mode” We fight as much i want. The opponent comes an comes until you give up. If you know how to play this game than i will suggest you this mode. You can frequent your thumbs by playing this mode.
  • P.Mode:- In “practice mode” we only do practices. In fighting game P.Mode compulsory should be there neither you can’t play this game. The more you play, the more you able to play better.

All Characters in this Mugen Apk

  • Goku:- In previous version we only have 1 goku, In this version they have added 2 more goku, goku ssj4 & base form. They have added new powers for them. Super Saiyan 3 perform the dragon fist to strike the opponent.
  • Vegito:- ohh man, let me tell you one thing, when you select vegito & zamasu with destroyed city map the theme play’s the important role of the game. Guys don’t play this game without headphones, headphones are strongly recommended. The dialogue delivery by zamasu is so op. If you will download this game, you should take vegito blue + destroyed city map.
  • DBZ Characters:- In this game you get many Dragon Ball Z Characters, Android 18, 17 and so on.
  • DBS Characters:- There are many of characters are included by seeing Dragon Ball Super Anime, kale, caulifla, hit, frost, black goku, jiren, kefla, toppo hakashin, black goku rose etc.
  • Vegeta:- Here you will get only base form, ssj4, super saiyan 2, majin vegeta etc.
  • Others:- There are many more characters are available on this game trunks, krillin, yamcha, tapion, baradock, monster, frieza, broly, all form of buu, tien, piccolo etc.

All Powers in Dragon Ball Jus Edition

Here i will tell you about only power perform by all characters in this mugen apk.

  • Final Flash (Vegeta)
  • Final KaMeHaMeHa… (Vegito)
  • Galik Gun (Trunks)
  • Time Skip (Hit)
  • Spirit Bomb (Goku)
  • Rainbow sephere (Gogeta)
  • Self Destruction (Vegeta)
  • Hakai (Beerus & Toppo)
  • Laser (Fireza)
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