Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android/iPhone Download

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android/iPhone Download

What’s up Everyone,

Today i finally introducing you all with new game Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android. Actually this game is made for ps4, xbox, pc etc. I’m only showing here that how you can play this game on your Android/iOS phones. Creator had merge chicki emulator with Dragon Ball FighterZ Game, you can easily play this game on your smartphone. This game have many option to play on your mobile. In all dragon ball z games fighter z is very best of all them. The graphics looks very amazing.

Dragon Ball FighterZ for Android/iPhone Download

About Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s a latest version of Fighter Z because it’s contain so many new characters with super new attacks. This game is created by Bandai Namco who had already make many games like xenovese, jump force, Tenakichi etc. This game you can handle very easily on your Android/iOS. For running this game you need internet connection. 90% users like this game and Downloaded this game. I already told you that this game is only for Windows, ps4 but still you can play this amazing game on your smartphone with the help of emulator. Don’t need to be do any extraction or anything else. Simple Download the game by doing verification.

About Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s a 2D pixels Game, which comes with high graphics with real voice over. There are many more other characters are added in this game. You get almost 50+ characters in this game. There types of sagas are added in this game Android 21 and sayain saga. Once you download the game than you can play this game without any hesitate. Let me tell you one more updates of this game, you get all new characters of Dragon Ball Super. In this game you get Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, Super vegeta Blue, Jiren, Toppp etc. Characters aura looks very eye stunning.

Dragon Ball FighterZ All Characters

Here i will tell you how many characters are included in this game and what special power they contain to strike the opponent.

  • Kefla: As you already know how much powerful is kefla. Actually it’s merged form of kale & caulifla then they merged with each other than they become kefla. They become very powerful after merging with each other.
  • MUI Goku: Actually it’s a only one characters who is capable to beat jiren. In this game he perform the automatic body movement attack to strike the opponent. No one can see him when mui perform the [ABM] Automatic body movement.
  • Hit Assassin: did you forget (Hit) he’s the second warriors who can beat jiren. Actually he almost beaten the jiren by using his blocking trump card power. Unfortunately jiren broked his blocking power. In this game he use his time skip power to hit opponent
  • Jiren: He perform the red beam attack. Actually Jiren low energy power can highly damage opponent
  • Android 16 & Buu: In this game this 2 characters added recently, buu have many transformation in this game. Kid buu, evil buu and much more.
  • Dcl: this Dragon Ball FighterZ Comes With Dcl version which means it’s have whole new characters in this game. Actually it’s a season 3
  • Baradock: The Father of goku, He have yellow beam attack in this game. Baradock is very powerful to destroy ot any opponent.
  • Gotenks Ssj3: Gotenks it’s a character who perform the ghost attack. In his mouth he make a 5 to 6 ghost and transfer to opponent which damage the opponent very badly.
Dragon Ball FighterZ All Characters

How to download this game

  1. Below on this page i have Download link button. From below you can easily download this game.
  2. Click on Download button than verify the page
  3. How to do verification, simple complete the one offer by given below shown.
  4. Just read the all instructions, they will say you Install the game and run for 30 second.
  5. Most of offers are little bit hard, they say you need to do registration. As per your comfort you can choose which one you have to do.
  6. Most of my users say that why you don’t provide direct mediafire link. even i have downloaded this game by completing verifications.
How to download this game
Supports on
Bandai Namco
Need Rom
Need Ram
Need Version
Need Processor
Snapdragon 430
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