Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk Download for Android

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk Download for Android

Hello, if you are here it means you like to play tap battle games. So today I’m giving you Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk Download for Android. This game is perfect for Android user, it’s a 2D game which runs in any device. The graphics of this game looks like mugen. After BVN Mugen i always prefer Tap Battle because it’s easily handeable with your both thumb. This new version is come out with the concept of Dragon Ball Fighter Z. You will easily get Dragon Ball Super characters in this Tap Battle Apk. Finally this newly update for Tap Battle is here you guys can download this game from this page. Maybe some of you need your favourite character in tap battle. Inform about your favourite characters, so i can tell a creator to add characters.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk Download for Android

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk

Users always say their most liked character to creator than he add all those Characters for them. Don’t get confused by tittle, it’s not a official Dragon Ball Fighter Z. All colour and shading of Fighter Z is given for Tap battle. In Dragon Ball Battle you will see many features or a option, so you can play this game easily. The main option is given in top of most z arcade. You may think what is the meaning of z arcade? Actually it’s normal arcade option which comes with every fighting game. You already how arcade modes works, select p1 first player of yours. Than all opponent will come automatically to defeat you. It’s really interesting mugen game, you should try at least once.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle Apk

Next features which we get in this game is Versus mode. In V.mode you can select player + p2 player too. Ex you are selecting master ui goku and you want to fight with jiren. In Z arcade you can’t do that, you can get your favourite match in versus mode. Still some people don’t know how to play this game. They only do timepass in practice mode or s training room. Do practice but after some time you should go with hard mode. This shows how much you are capable in gaming. Last option is adjustment, but for what. I like all background musics in this game but some people feels irritate that’s why they turn off that background music. If you are one of them simply go to adjustment option and turn off that background music option.

All Characters in Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle

There are total 13 characters are available in this game. All main character are there in this game, new Powers are added for each character. Unlocked card is given in this game, you have to defeat some player than you get new characters.

  • Broly
  • Baradock
  • Fat buu
  • Gotenks ssj3
  • Super Legendary Broly
  • Super Saiyan Trunks
  • Perfect Cell
  • Frieza (base form)
  • Vegeta ssj
  • Piccolo (nameks)
  • teen gohan ssj
  • Krillin
  • Super Saiyan Goku
All Characters in Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tap Battle

How to download Tap Battle Apk?

  1. mediafire link is given in below
  2. complete that 15 second encrypting page
  3. once you complete that verification page
  4. Last page will appear from there you can download this game with mediafire
How to download Tap Battle Apk?
GameTap Battle
Size112 MB
Game TypeAPK
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