Hello Amigo, Hope you all are fine, Today finally I’m giving you the New PSP Game DBZ TTT Tag VS PSP MOD Download. This PSP game is newly released on youtube by DBS MODS creator. It’s a very new 3D Game which is played by many users. This new DBZ TTT have many things like new Attacks, powers, combos etc. Once you play this game you will recommend this mod in your favourite list. First of all this game is the latest version of Tag VS. The textures of this game is still old one, but the attacks will give you the goosebumps it’s too cool. Now a days, people like to play DBZ TTT Mod. In our website you will get many mods on DBZ TTT, if you didn’t downloded my previous version of TTT than download now.


The graphics in this game is very good same as like any normal mod, but attacks are totally new one. You don’t get any torn pixels or any lag issues, it’s a very smooth mod with well optimised. The main update and important function of this game is that you get permanent menu. You don’t need to do anything like extracting or to move any file here to there. Only one file you need to extract in this game is save data. All download links i have provided below in this page PSP gold, save data, iso etc. If you don’t know how to extract this game, watch video on youtube how to extract zip files. Furthermore updates of this game will come very soon like v2. Specially i like this game very much, all Characters in this game have swagger attacks.


About DBZ TTT Tag VS PSP MOD Download

After the long time the new version of DBZ TTT Tag Vs is finally released on 27 Aug 2020. I also uploaded some images of this game, you can know the graphics of this game by seeing pictures on this pages. Some people like to play Quick Battle or a free battle features because it’s a rapid option to play any game. Now you can collect battle points too. If you are a beginner in this game you have to first practice this game weekly first. Without playing training features you can’t able to know how to play this game? Now you don’t have to watch any video or ask someone about how to play because all attack or a powers information is already inserted by bandai Namco. Basic players now have the opportunity to play this game without any irritate.

About DBZ TTT Tag VS PSP MOD Download

In next paragraph we will discuss about all characters in this game. You will get all ideas about how many characters you get in this game? in next para. There are some PSP settings which you have to do for better experience. If you facing some black screen problem simply you have to change the language English to America Latina. In graphic options you will get easily this option. If you facing any frame drop than change frameskipping auto to 1, frame skipping should be 1 or a 2. Old version of PSP emulator don’t have such power to handle high graphics you should update you PSP from playstore.

Special Characters in Tag Vs

All normal base form or a ssj forms are already available in this game, i will not mention the old form names. Only the new update of Characters names be here. I will tell you the only what you get in this game new.

  • Broly — We all know that how this Charater looks when he transform in his super saiyan transformation. This new form looks so amazing that i can’t mention with my words. I provided some images of this Charater. Modder change the broly form in a very new skin, now broly have red cuts in his face with red spikes on his chest which is too cool and amazing. I like this Charater very much you will too.
  • MUi Goku — For now there is nothing you get new with this Charater. This character have still previous textures. Textures are old one but the attacks are new. You can play with this character but skin is still same
  • Jiren — Yes, this Character have new form and perfect texture. I have a experience that in every mod Jiren have a unusual texture which don’t match a jiren which we have seen in anime. In mod jiren have a perfect textures with right gestures, he perform the red ball attacks with his hand. There is one image which i have provided of this Character.

There are many more characters are available which i didn’t mentioned here like Super vegeta blue, Vegito, Gogeta etc. all this Character have new aura + attacks

Steps to INSTALL this Game

  1. i provided two links for downloading this iSO one is youtube creator link and another one is direct Mega link
  2. First Download the new version of PSP emulator from Google play store.
  3. After downloading iSO than download save data which i have already provided below
  4. No need to extract and download menu of this mod because menu is permanent in this game
  5. Save data should be go in psp / save data
Bandai Namco
Mod By
PSP Game
File Type
Need Rom
Need Ram
Need Version
Up to 5.0
Need Prcocessor
Up to Quad Core
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