DBZ TTT & SB2 Save Data, Download PSP Gold

DBZ Save Data, Download PSP Gold, PSP Settings

Hello everyone, Hope you all are fine, Today I’m gonna give you the best DBZ TTT & SB2 Save Data, Download PSP Gold Emulator. From this page you can easily download all this files. There are various types of save data are available for unlocking characters. If you want to unlock your own favourite game like dexter, 2k14, DBZ TTT & SB2, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto impact, the sims 2 etc. It’s a myth which people says that PSP Gold is very nice as compare to Blue PSP emulator but this is wrong. Both comes with well optimised but gold one is little bit more optimise. Download PSP gold from here and start enjoying your game.

DBZ TTT & SB2 Save Data, Download PSP Gold

Download now DBZ TTT Save Data Above from this link. After downloading the save data you need application for extracting this save data. This save data is zip file, you have to open that file. First download es file explorer from playstore. long press on save data then click on more, now click on extract option. Now click on choose path and simple extract your save data in psp folder to save data folder. Now a days modders are making lots of mods like jump force, xenoverse etc. For unlocking all characters in all this type of iSO, you need save data too. So, download my save data and unlock your characters 100%

DBZ TTT & SB2 Save Data, Download PSP Gold

Download Shin Budokai Save Data from above link. In shin Budokai iSO save data is very necessary for unlocking your all characters. Simply download my save data and extract in any sb2 mods. If you want to download to new db2 mods then don’t forget to check my YouTube channel Blackzmods.

DBZ TTT & SB2 Save Data, Download PSP Gold

Download PSP Gold from above link. This is the latest version of PSP gold which is very well optimised. let’s talk about what is the PSP settings for more smoothness. If you are DBZ Game fans and you like to play TTT & Shin Budokai Mods you have to set up some settings in psp. If you are facing black screen problem in Sb2 Mods simply change your language in America Latina and disable the fast memory. Select skip buffer effects & frame skipping should be 1, Hardware transform & software skinning should always enabl, enable the upscale level in auto, Display resolution (HW scaler) should be 2XPSP or a 3XPSP

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  1. Sadiq ali

    How I can extract psp gold premium

    • Sadiq ali:- download es file explorer from playstore and extract you psp gold. See video on YouTube how to extract zip files. Have a nice day

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