DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download

DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download

Hello Amigos, A New PSP Mod is finally available here DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download. It’s a very new PSP MOD with Completely Mind blowing and HD Graphics. You will be a totally mad after seeing the graphics of this New PSP MOD. It’s a very new and latest version of DBZ TTT Mods, if you didn’t downloded my previous version of V3 then Download Now. This mod is modified for you android phone, you can easily play this 3D PSP game on your smart phones. Download this game and furthermore you will get more Mods on Dragon Ball Z. In our website you can download PSP game as well as android games too. In fact, i like to play anime PSP game Such like Shin Budokai, Tenakichi Tag Team, DBZ Mugen etc.

DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download

Lot’s of users always complain that mods always have Bugs and glitches, they are right but this mods is completely smooth. For playing this mod you need to download PSP emulator first, than you need to download save data for unlocking Characters which i have already provided. I provided some of screenshot where you can easily notice that the graphics of this game is looks same as Fighter Z. The creator of this game is SDBH MODZ, who makes real mod. If you want to download more mods on TTT, than you should Check out his channel on youtube.

About DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download

In this DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download With Game you get HD Menu. Now you can play this game by knowing accurate place of Characters. You don’t need to be bother about anything. Modders have provided everything in this game. Characters list is no need because now you have menu. This game can be played in Story mode as well as 1vs1. Free battle is the most choice able options for the users because it’s a fastest options for playing this game.

About DBZ TTT HD Graphics With Menu PSP MOD Download

Without Training nothing you can do, in starting you have to practice this PSP game. After practicing you will automatically understand how to play this game, if not than they have already provided the all information about how to play this game? inbuilt in game. All features is already provided by Bandai Namco. He’s is the first developer of this game and than the modder modded this game. As you know this game is officially made for DBZ Character only but after redesign and modding this game is full combination of all Dragon Ball Series which is really good.

All Characters in this GAME

As i said above in para that this game is fully made up of Dragon Ball Super Characters with New Attacks and Aura. You get everything new in this PSP game. Whole game is totally different as compare to any other mod. You get in this game new aura, gestures, unique styles, new attacks, Characters, combos etc. I can only mention main character names, post will be go overspreads if i taken the all characters names here. Let’s see how many characters are available in this game.

  • MUi Goku — In this game master ultra instinct form have to styles one is official one which we have already seen on anime and another one is fan made. Both looks are amazing with mui form. You will like very much if you play with this character. all base form or a ssj form is already have you don’t need to worry.
  • Gogeta & Vegito — they both characters comes with super blue aura. Specially i like Vegito blue form because the attitude level is totally different. You will like too after playing with vegito. Both Character have new form with crystal graphics. The aura looks really amazing when they boost up their powers.
  • Jiren — i provided some screenshots of this character, jiren looks is design in 3D which looks very realistic. He have power red beam ball attacks, which damage the opponent very badly. You get new attacks too with final aggressive form of jiren.
  • Kefla — everyone knows that how this Charater cover up the power more speedly as compare to vegeta or a goku. Kefla is the fusion form of kale and caulifla which makes them more stronger and strongest. In this game this Charater have real red circle power same as like shown in anime. It’s a deadly combination of all time.

How To INSTALL & Download

Installing procedure is very simple. Download this game by provided Download link below from this page. 3 things are there for downlod menu, iSO, Save Data etc.

  1. Need es file explorer for extracting those file
  2. Extract save data files in psp folder to save data folder
  3. Same for menu you have to extract, menu should be extracted in psp folder to texture folder
  4. You can download my save data from below from this page.
Need Version
Bandai Namco
Need internal
Need Ram
File Type
Need Prcocessor
Up to Quad Core

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