DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD Download for Android

DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD Download for Android

Hello Everyone, Finally the new Game DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD is released for DB Fans. This new PSP game is very newly updated by the modder. In this Mod, there are lots of various Characters are included like anime, marvel etc. Moreover you get many characters with new skins. The creator of this mod has make this Mod very accurately. The Creator has changed the whole textures of Characters in new one. Now you can play this game with GTA Characters. This is disappointing that you don’t get permanent menu in this PSP game because creator has didn’t provided. Maybe in furthermore version of this game should have menu. So, you have to grind yourself to know the exact place of Characters.

DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD Download

It’s a 3D Modified PSP game which is newly created by Modder Shadown TTT. He is a new youtube creator who have 500 Subs, go checkout his youtube channel. He like to play & make DBZ TTT Mods on youtube, even this new mod crossover had make by him. The only thing that i don’t like in this new PSP game is [No Menu]. Although every thing is very fine but you should provide menu. In our website you get many things like Dragon Ball Z Games, Tenkaichi Tag Team, DBZ Shin Budokai, Mugen APK, Other Android APK Games etc. Most of them only Anime Games, so you can download easily many things from our website. I provided four sections to our site DBZ TTT Mods, DBZ Shin Budokai, Android & Mugen APK, More Games etc.

DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD Download

About DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD

Let’s talk about that how you can play this game. This new DBZ TTT Crossover PSP MOD you can play in PPSSPP emulator. This game easily playable by many options like Arcade Mode. Well, it’s similarly to play 1vs1 or single player. Choose your favourite Dragon Ball Characters than the opponent will comes randomly as per the computer. Story Mode is the slow Procedure, you have to go as per the line up of stories. As we know by the voting that users like to play [Single Players / Arcade]. For a practice, the game should have training mode options. The beginners players have only the help of training. If you don’t know that how to play this game, simply doing practice in training mode will differentiate the way you handle this game.

How many characters on this DBZ TTT Crossover PSP?

The main root of this game is there are types of Characters are included like marvel, gta, naruto etc. In furthermore V2 iSO they will add more characters like super man, batman, spider-man etc. Although it’s fully upgraded with Characters but still they will add DC Universe too.

  • GTA [Carl Johnson] — it’s a gta san Andreas Characters which is included in this Crossover Mod. He perform the red beam attack in this DBZ TTT.
  • Naruto — I have seen many textures of Naruto but in this mod naruto have very perfect textures. It’s looks very cool while playing with this Characters. He have a special spikes power to damage the opponent
  • Cars — Did you ever watched Cars Movie? This movie is released by Disney Pixar, the red cars name is lighting McQueen. i know it’s looks very strange to see cars texture Character in DBZ TTT. Yup it’s odd one but what we can do, modder is trying to make collective anime characters in this game.
  • Iron Man — In MCU / Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s a super cool character of all time. Special power in his hand who perform the super red laser attack.
  • Deadpool — This character is Marvel too, the modder has change trunks textures to Deadpool texture because he have 2 sword in this back. He have fastest sword attack to opponent.
  • Venom — he’s a Villians who strike the spider-man many time by his super big claw. In this game he perform the power by his own mouth.

PSP Settings

  • Download and PSP emulator from playstore.
  • Most of them think that blue psp is not good as compare to psp gold but this is totally myth. For me both are equal.
  • i have provided PSP gold emulator in the post save data
  • The language should always remain in America Latina
  • Change your frame skipping auto to 1
  • Decrease your scaling ratio to low

How To Install this Game

  • iSO and Save Data link is below of this page
  • Need extracting tool from playstore than extract both files
  • Save data should be extracted in psp / save data
  • if you don’t have new version of psp emulator than upgrade your psp emulator from playstore

TTT Crossover
Bandai Namco
Created by
Shadown TTT
Need Ram
Need Rom
Need Version
Need Processor
Up to Quad Core
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