DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK for Android

DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK for Android

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are fine, Today finally I’m giving you DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK for Android. It’s a 2D Graphics game which is easily playable on your Android Smartphone. It’s a simple Mugen APK with cool Characters. This game contains very short characters but still you will like this game. Minimum Charaters are available in this game but the graphics and optimization is really good. You can easily handle this game with your 2 thumbs. If you guys want more characters game with 200+ Charaters than you need to download Jump Ultimate Stars. It’s my previous post you should Check out that first in my Mugen Section.

DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK for Android

More About DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK

DBZ Final Tournament 2 comes with common features which you can see easily in any other games too. In this game you get the option to play Simple match and the Survival Mode. There are some more options you get like Creditors and Game Option.

More About DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK
  • Simple Match — In fighting game 1vs1 is the normal playable option same as like this option is too. You can start your game by selecting your favourite character than you can able to select opponent Characters too.
  • Survival — In this mode the fight will never end. You have to be more strong in this mode. You have to be the last man stand.
  • Credits — The Creator has given the all other names whoever help him to make this game
  • Options — In options you can make a changes of your sound or background Musics. As per your comfortable you can manage this game by this option.
  • Training Mode — There is no training mode option in this game. You can only practice this game by playing simple match. Maybe in furthermore updates they should add training option
More About DBZ Final Tournament 2 Mugen APK

How Many Characters in this Mugen APK?

As i said you get only few Characters to play, There are total 18 Characters are included with their Special Attacks and powers. I have mentioned here all characters names. In this Mugen APK you will see almost DBZ Characters only. There are very few Characters are included of dragon ball super.

  • Goku — Well, in this game you get base form of goku with kioken where you can perform kamehameha power. You get blue transformation too, it’s look more good with dark blue aura.
  • Broly — when he boost up his power he looks more angry giant monster. He perform the meteor power to damage the opponent
  • Super Vegeta Blue — It’s looks too cool with his super blue aura. He performs the final flash to striking the opponent.
  • MUi Goku — it’s totally disappointing that you don’t get Migatte no Gokui. Soon the developer will add this Character too.
  • Others — In Above i have mentioned the 3 Characters names and rest of names i will tell you without saying their speciality. Base Vegeta, Gohan, Teen Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Teen Gohan ssj, Baradock, Fat buu, frieza, Perfect cell, evil buu, super legendary broly, Gotenks, Black Goku Rose, God of Destruction Beeurs etc.
How Many Characters in this Mugen APK?
DBZ Final Tournament 2
Fighting Game
Need Rom
Need Ram
Need Version
Upto 4.0
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