DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD Download

DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD Download

Hello Gamers, Hope you all are fine, The New PS2 Mod is finally released for you all. Today I’m giving you the new game DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD Download. The whole Universe of DC & Marvel Characters are merged in this BT3 Mod. It’s seems really cool while playing, This game is modded by Dbzika and JSN Mods. In this New PS2 Game you get all Animes Characters for playing like Naruto, Ben 10, Street Fighter, Pokémon, Transformer, Venom, Spiderman, Superman and much more. You get everything that you want in this game. Furthermore updates had make this game more cool. All Dragon Ball Super characters you get easily in this game like mastered ultra instinct goku, Super vegeta blue, jiren etc. Actually, the creator has try to make this PS2 Mod in bunch of Cartoon heroes Characters.

DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD Download

In this DBZ Game all Super Villians are included venom, thanos, Kaguya Otsutsuki etc. In fact, there are various types of Spiderman Skin are included. same as shown in Spiderman Verse movie too. As i said you get many thing in this game. Cartoon fight club is the collective Characters of all super heroes in this PS2 Mod. Moreover Characters are available like resident evil, capcom, snk Playmore etc. Now you have the opportunity to play with ryu, it’s a Character of street fighter who perform the blue ball and fire ball attack. You may think that you get only few Characters, but you get many characters which is very famous in all aspects. Users really appreciate the previous version of this game too, after the furthermore updates make this game very incredible.

DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD Download

About DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD

My favourite character in DC Universe is Superman & Wonder women. They looks so powerful while they fight to anyone. This both Character are included in this DBZ Cartoon Fight Club. On the one hand we can play with Super hero iron man, nevertheless man who perform the light beam attack with his hand in this BT3 mod. However we can’t forget about generator rex. You can fight j1 vs cpu. Many things are available in this mod, story mode, free battle mode and much more. Users says that ryu, ken, akuma looks almost same, ken and ryu are the best friend. They both always fight to each other for testing their own strength. The biggest rival of ryu is sagat, sagat is called the right hand of M.bison.

About DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD
About DBZ Cartoon Fight Club BT3 PS2 MOD

M.bison is the boss of street fighter, sagat who’s the rival of ryu both Character have almost same power. In sagat body on his chest we can easily see the big cuts which is done by ryu while fighting with each other. Same in king of fighters the biggest rival story about kyo and iori we all know. Kyo is the symbol of fire and iori is the symbol of ice. Evil iori is little fast as compare to kyo.

Introduction of All Main Characters in this PS2 MOD

Oi, i can’t able to tell you the whole Characters names in this PS2 MOD. only the main characters names will be added here. This page will become very long terrifying while reading, that’s why I mentioned here limited names. Here we go,

  • DC & Marvel — i already mention everything about DC / Marvel. In marvel there are more characters are available like caption marvel, x man, thanos etc.
  • Shazam — he’s is the funniest super hero of all time after Deadpool.
  • Ash Ketchum — if you have seen the Pokémon anime, then you can able to know this character. Pikachu is the favourite Pokémon of ash.
  • DC Joker — yup, i know it’s seems pretty strange to be see joker in BT3. he don’t have any power except his cirminal world make him more criminal minded. Basically he have a lover who is more mad as compare to him. Harley Quinn she’s the lover of joker, both are crminaly mind set person.
  • Green Arrow — Actually, Green arrow is the DC universe series which you can easily see in Netflix. Moreover i can’t say anything about green arrow because i didn’t watched this series.
  • The Flash — well, he can match his speed with the speed of bullet but still he can’t match with superman. The flash series you can easily see on Netflix.
Cartoon Fight Club
Bandai Namco
Dbzika / JSN
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