DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk Download for Android

DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk Download for Android

What’s up to my Mugen Addict fans. Finally we have a super cool new game DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk Download for Android. One of the shocking update of mugen is available for download. Anime Crossover Mugen is easily working in any type of smartphone. No need of any higher Device for running this game. this game comes with really new maps, characters, attacks etc. All attacks are so good and eye catching, specially the hakai destruction attack. DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen is the 7th update of this game. Kizuma and makoto i appreciate what you did, because this is far better than any mugen game. They duos creator are the actual maker of this game. In Android you will not get any perfect mugen game, except this one. Maybe further they would make any best mugen games same as like pc mugens.

DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk Download for Android

About DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk

Still i remember users are giving so much appreciation to this duos creator. Nor any other mugen can stand in front of DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk. I like how they make a gifs maps image behind the character fighting. All new characters from manga is also inserted in this new apk. However this game is pretty good but there are still some minor bugs in big characters. This is because big characters are not suitable for this type of Gaming code. It’s not fitting the exact size on that code that’s why they keeps giving bugs and frame drop. DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen is good but not best ever, check out their latest version of this game.

About DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk

This game have a good properties, not a high not a low. It’s have a descent size of properties, you just need 200MB from your internet package. You should look out all those latest versions of this game. There is no need of any other application for running this game, because this is Apk. In our site i have given many mugen post, click on menu to see all mugen games. I’m a die hard fan of DBZ games, that’s why i like to type many things about this anime. Snap shot are given on this sheet from where you can see how exactly this game really looks.

About DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk
  • Team Play:- more than 2 players gather and start fighting with each other. This is kind of interesting but still it’s a hard option. i exit this option because this make me so much confuse, who is my character, where I’m i, who is he etc.
  • Single Mode:- simply love to play with single battle, even other users like to play this options.

DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk All Characters

All popular and important Characters are already given by kizuma in this game. DBZ Anime Crossover comes with 50+ Characters. I know this is not that much you are expecting but still you can have this game on your android. They have taken each important characters from all popular animes.

  • Yagami Light (Kira):- this is one of my most favourite anime of all time. I have repeated and seen this anime 4 to 5 times. Still i didn’t get bored by any scenes, themes and so on. In this game he perform power by calling his shinigami ryuk to attack the opponent
  • MUI Goku:- this is so disgusting, it’s a main character but still they have not given any new attacks or powerups to MUI Goku
DBZ Anime Crossover Mugen Apk All Characters
  • Toppo Hakashin:- both transformation of toppo primary and god toppo is given in this mugen apk. He perform the dark purple hakai power to destroy the opponent.
  • Saitama:- please someone help him to get rid of his boredom, just kidding. He attain so much power that he always feel so much empty. In this game he perform super death punch, once you use double power it’s take 85% health of your opponent. In this game there is one more Character are included from this anime genos. Even genos accepted that saitama is my master, still saitama don’t have any interest to make him deciple. This is because of emptiness in his life.

There are many more other Dragon Ball Z characters are available in this apk. In this game different varieties of anime Character are there like bleach, naruto, one piece, dbs, dbz, death note, full metal alchemist, JoJo’s bizarre, my hero academia etc.

GameAnime Crossover
Size294 MB
Game TypeMugen 2D
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