Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP ISO Download for Android

Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP ISO Download for Android

Hello to all who likes to play shooting games. One of the best fps shooting game Call of Duty Black Ops. This is the most popular game knowingly for a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Every situation is surrounded with a cold season that’s why we say cold war. It’s a story which runs between 1961 to 1968. The whole situation looks like so actionable in this game. In Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP you will exact story line up, same as the real one. Now we have a special chance to download Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP Highly Compressed Download. This file is so easy and comfortably with your ppsspp apk. I’m gonna give you Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP Zip File Download.

Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP ISO Download for Android
Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP

Call of Duty Black Ops PSP ISO

This was the biggest achievement for making best shooting games for Android. Therefore 3 developer had engaged for making this game. One of the main developer is Treyarch and another 2 is Raven Software and N-Space. This game had wins 4 biggest award like Golden Joystick Award for one to Watch, BAFTA Games Award for best game (Public Vote), VGX Award for Character of the year, VGX Award for best shooter, etc. Even this game is published by 3 different branding aspects Activision, Activision Blizzard, Square Enix, and so on.

Call of Duty Black Ops PSP
Call of Duty Black Ops PSP


The story in this game is based on actual events. The locations in this game is used from East berlin, KGB Headquarters, Vietnam, Turkey, etc. The main protagonist Characters in COD Black Ops is Alex Mason and the voice over is given by Worthington Sam. Now come to story point, whole fight scene is performed between the year of 1961 – 1968. There are 2 more big places is shown in this game one is United States and another one is hong kong. By this 2 places hong kong is one of my favourite, the best location in my opinion.

Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP Download


  • M16:- In every shooting games M16 is the most preferable gun of all time. Even in Pubg Pc and Mobile in both games people always take M416. The main reason is that this gun gives average recoils compares to AK47 or AKM. The sound of M16 is far better then any guns.
  • AUG:- Even Aug also fits with same bullet 5.56mm. compare to m16 aug have less recoil, both m16 and aug works with 5.6 bullets.
  • AK47:- The most power gun which tends with high recoils is ak47 or akm. Ak47 and akm are almost looks similar and both works with 7.62mm bullets.
  • Krig 6:- One of the best auto assault gun in Call of Duty Black Ops. There are eight place in this gun which is empty for attachments. Once you put all eight attachments in this guns properly, stability of this guns becomes very accurate. Vertical recoils degrades almost upto 70% level.


  • Array:- it’s a snow place which is average in size compare to other maps. The main building have biggest dish for best signals.
  • Cracked:- This is the name which is based on road of the Vietnam.
  • Crisis:- this is the storage house place where they have stored many missiles. In this location you will only gonna see tanks and loadouts of machine guns bullets.
  • Firing Range:- This is the training ground places, while selecting training option firing range will gonna open. Here you can practice guns recoil problem.
  • Grid:- this is the location where you will see only Soviet intelligence station.
  • Hanoi:- this is my favourite place where i like to play this game most. It’s prison camp, where you have to perform a fight in infamous prison camp.
  • Havana:- this is just a simple cuban city.
  • Jungle:- This is the place which is stated on the river of Vietnam. A beautiful place which is near to the valley of Vietnam.

Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP Download

  • before doing any further process, first download zarchiver application from playstore.
  • Zarchiver is a tool for extracting anytype of zip or rar files.
  • Main file of Call of Duty Black Ops PPSSPP and Emulator are merged into one file.
  • This two files are closed in zip file, you have to use that zarchiver app from playstore.
  • Extract your main file of Call of Duty Black Ops first.
  • Once you extract the main file, then open your Dolphin PPSSPP emulator.
  • you have to put that main Extract file to the dolphin emulator.
  • Once you done above process then this game is ready for working efficiently in Dolphin PPSSPP Emulator.
  • Extraction Password:- GAMEEMO
GameCOD Black Ops
Size 726MB
Released on9 Nov 2010,
Offline Yes
Works onAndroid.
GAME Rating 4.4/5

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